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Re: [novelty_farm] TMI on Dentals

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  • Lorie McDaniel
    Oh, they are so dramatic!!!! Ellie, too… same thing ... Oh, they are so dramatic!!!! Ellie, too… same thing On Feb 8, 2013, at 9:41 AM, Ken & Jandy Arnold
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      Oh, they are so dramatic!!!! Ellie, too… same thing

      On Feb 8, 2013, at 9:41 AM, Ken & Jandy Arnold <kjwarnold@...> wrote:


      Baths - they swear we're waterboarding them.  Nail trims, yes, amputating their paws.

      On Feb 8, 2013 8:48 AM, "Shirley Woods" <woodssm@...> wrote:

      I tried brushing.  Boy was that funny. Senna would just duck his head and look at me under his eyebrows. Schumi hides under the bed where I can't get to her. All in all it was not a frequent event. Baths and nail clipping is enough of an issue. They act like I'm going to drown them and then cut off there paws. 
      I'm anxious to see what Schumi's liver numbers are off medication. 

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      On Feb 8, 2013, at 6:59 AM, "Ken & Jandy Arnold" <kjwarnold@...> wrote:


      Our vets are really down on raw feeding.  They said they’ve seen too many choking and things caught, so they kind of scared me off of that.  I never did it much anyway, so I guess it wasn’t much of a loss.  And since Packy has had things caught in his throat before, and I think it was Kirby where we had to do the baby Heimlich maneuver on, I’m just scared of it.  I’m going to get some new hard bones and stuff liver treats inside.  I used to do that for both Packy way back but haven’t don’t it in a while.  The thing is, Kirby just isn’t a chewer.  Maybe I should try hooves.  He does like bully sticks, but they’re so darn expensive and don’t last long.


      Funny about Nicole stealing all the hooves.  I was telling someone the other day that you still had Packy’s mom and they were amazed.  Then, of course, we got into the whole conversation about what they would do if they met, if they would “know” each other, etc.


      ~ Jandy


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      I just do the raw chicken wings. I might need to get Spike done, tho.
      his bad overbite,
      causes problems, they just don't line up, no matter what he chews. you
      know, Jake
      didn't have a serious problem till he was about 14 yrs old. Boromir I
      have to watch
      more. Lilli's 11 now, and has a *dark* front tooth, that she'll probably
      lose. I think
      that's more related to having all their teeth, but needing a little
      wider jaw, so the
      teeth aren't crowded. also, all of mine love those smelly old cow
      hooves, so I don't
      know if that helps, or not. what's hilarious, I give them to them when
      they are
      crated to chew, and after a week or so, when they are bored, I just
      switch them out,
      something about having *someone elses* hoof, they just love! and
      steal them out of each other's crates, too. if I don't watch Nicole
      (does this sound
      familiar?) she will have an entire STASH of hooves in her crate. lol


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