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The Shout-Out

  • timelord4913
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      I'm happy for the publicity and for Doug's recognition. I hope it will prompt people who may not have paid attention before to check out the NPP and see that before NINO there was a much better Nova.

      That being said - I wouldn't be placing bets on RR's return any time soon. Wackjob is no friend of ours. He refers to RR as "Dick Rider" and to us as a "bunch of whiners" who should just "get over" our loss of RR and accept NINO as the new "Nova." Does that sound like someone who's interested in bringing RR back? Plus, Loeb has said RR's story is over. Why would he bring RR back? RR would undercut NINO. He wants us to forget about RR and just embrace NINO.

      It's all about selling books. It costs nothing for Wackjob to feed the fantasy that if we just buy NINO then we'll get RR back even though he and Loeb have no intention of bringing RR back. He thinks that'll prompt us to buy NINO's book and eventually we'll just give in and accept NINO. If we buy NINO, all we'll get is more NINO hackneyed juvenile fantasy trash. Buying NINO is not a back door to getting RR back. The best thing that could happen is for NINO to fail. If the GotG movie is a success, Marvel will be rushing around to produce other DnA material and then we might get the true Nova back.
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