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Subject: Next IASA Meeting on Securing SOA

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  • sramanand
    Registration (requested, free): http://midatlantic.iasahome.org/iasaweb/appmanager/home/chapterdetail When: Thursday November 16th, 6-8 pm Pizza & soda will be
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
      Registration (requested, free):


      When: Thursday November 16th, 6-8 pm
      Pizza & soda will be served

      Where: FGM 4th Floor
      12021 Sunset Hills Road Suite 400, Reston, VA 20190

      From the Beltway (I495) take exit for Dulles Toll Road (267 West),
      take exit to Reston Parkway, turn right after ramp, take first left at
      Sunset Hills Road, take second left into parking lot, park on right side.

      Topic: "Securing SOA"


      Integration has been the Holy Grail in information technology from the
      time the second program was written. Over time we have explored
      several different architectural models for integration and many
      different technologies. The scrap heap of IT history is littered
      with approaches that failed technically and technically brilliant
      approaches that did not capture the market. Despite a long history
      of failure, we have doggedly pursued the objective, because the
      imperative for integration in compelling and the cost of a failing to
      integrate is overwhelming.

      We are now driving to integration through SOA. Through the evolution
      of ubiquitous connectivity based on internet protocols and
      vendor-independent standards with integration we are seeing much
      greater success than in prior efforts. SOA works, the case is
      compelling, and the rush is on. There are challenges, however.
      First, there are degrees of SOA, with huge implications in terms of
      cost, performance, and risk. Second, building SOA requires
      fundamental changes in organizations and processes. Focusing only on
      the technology is a prescription for failure. Finally, SOA is a very
      different animal from a technical perspective. The standard point of
      attack on a system is at the interfaces, and SOA is all about
      interfaces. SOA is a target-rich environment.

      Craig Miller will talk about his experiences in building SOA at the
      enterprise scale. He will talk about his personal experience with a
      small pharmaceutical company (Cubist), a large health insurance
      company (Wellpoint) and ongoing work with large internet security
      brokerage. All defined and approached SOA in their own way.


      Craig Miller is a Principal Consultant at Cigital. He has more than
      30 years of IT experience. During this time his interest has
      followed the progression of technology from the focus on individual
      programs to the current emphasis on enterprise scale integration.
      During this time, he has followed many technical blind alleys, as we
      struggled as an industry and profession to find effective ways to
      bridge application, system, and enterprise boundaries. Despite
      numerous scars, he is optimistic about progress towards Service
      Oriented Architectures rooted in emerging standards.

      Prior to joining Cigital, Craig Miller was the North American CTO and
      Global Chief Architect of Dimension Data (a $2.5 billion integration
      firm), the CTO of Proxicom, and a Vice President and Chief Scientist
      of SAIC. He holds a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from the University
      of Virginia. In 1997 he was awarded a gold medal by the Smithsonian
      Institution for "Heroic Achievement in Information Technology."


      Ramanand Singh
      Vice Char, IASA Mid-Atlantic Chapter
      Board Member, NOVAJUG
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