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    This column is dedicated to a special dairy farmer, a woman who sees truth in almost every aspect of life, save one. I ve been to this dairywoman s farm. I ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2001
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      This column is dedicated to a special
      dairy farmer, a woman who sees truth in
      almost every aspect of life, save one.

      I've been to this dairywoman's farm. I've
      had dinner with her family. I know that she
      purchases milk in cartons from stores for her
      own personal consumption.

      Talk about bringing coal to Newcastle, or
      having all the tea in China and drinking the
      massed produced broken orange blossom
      supermarket brand. Her personal choice
      becomes fodder for a future psychological
      commentary. Why will she not drink the body
      fluids from her own animals like most dairymen
      do? Although I am aware of how very much she
      loves her cows, she has successfully closed
      her mind to the pain and suffering that ends
      the lives of each gentle creature who resides
      on her farm.

      There will come a point in today's column when
      she will be unable to read any more. I love this
      woman because she cares about so many things,
      and possesses the vision to see. She is indeed a
      rarity among men (and women).

      On one hand, she calls to many of her animals
      by name. One the other hand, she considers each
      of her creatures agricultural units, rather than
      sentient beings who each have the ability to
      experience pain, feel emotions and form attachments
      to their offspring, and experience the terror of death
      by being taken from the only life they knew, being
      stuffed into trucks, going to death camps
      (slaughterhouses) and receiving stunning blows to
      their heads and knives to their throats.

      She injects many of her cows with the genetically
      engineered bovine growth hormone, despite
      knowing the pain these animals must endure
      as a result of rbGH-treatment.

      She will read today's column, and realize that
      I am right, and continue to close her mind to the
      truth which will one day haunt her.


      WARNING TO ALL: You do not want to
      read this column if your superego cannot handle
      animal abuse.

      Imagine your internal organs exploding from
      within. If you continue to enjoy dairy products,
      the picture I am about to paint for you will be
      hazardous to your psyche.

      During the approval process for rbGH, Monsanto's
      genetically engineered bovine growth hormone
      (now in America's cheese, ice cream, and milk),
      the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined
      that growth hormone treatment was perfectly safe
      and painless for dairy cows.

      Both Monsanto and FDA claimed that rbGH injections
      were safe for dairy cows. Stolen internal
      confidential documents (published by the dairy
      industry newsletter MILKWEED) prove otherwise.

      Imagine an 1800 pound cow losing more than six
      percent of her body weight (over 100 pounds)
      during one year of milking.

      During that weight loss, what would you guess
      would be the effect on her body organs? Would
      the organs also shrink or remain the same size?

      Imagine that same new miracle diet for women,
      approved by FDA. All you have to do is receive an
      injection of growth hormones every two weeks as
      dairy cows do. You weigh 150 pounds at the
      beginning of your diet, and after one year weigh
      just 141 pounds. What do imagine would happen to
      your liver and heart? How about your adrenal
      gland or thyroid?

      How about a woman's ovaries? Would they remain the
      same size or shrink proportionally to her overall
      body mass?


      While stressed dairy cows lost weight, their body
      organs grew enormously!

      Adrenal glands squirt adrenaline into a mammal's
      system during stressful events. This powerful
      chemical is responsible for the "fight or flight"

      Cows treated with low doses of rbGH lost an
      average of 90 pounds, but their adrenal glands
      grew by a factor of 21% over the control group
      (cows not treated with rbGH). The medium dose
      group experienced increases of 46%, while the
      high dosed group had adrenal growth of 51%.

      The thyroid gland is responsible for regulating
      metabolism. The low dose group experienced 7%
      growth increases. The medium dose group
      experienced a 17% increase, while the high dose
      group experienced a 61% increase over controls.

      Liver and heart weights increased by double-digit
      factors in the medium and high dose groups. Ovary
      weights increased in excess of twenty percent in
      all three groups.

      If FDA learned of these adverse effects in a
      human medicine, they would immediately remove
      that hazardous poison from the market place.

      This is dangerous, folks. To cows and humans.
      We drink their body fluids. We drink their
      hormones. Their adverse effects become ours.

      No biological effects? Here are the actual data:


      TOTAL WEIGHT 1591 lbs 1501 1509 1487

      THYROID 1.24 ozs 1.33 1.45 2.00
      LIVER 23.9 lbs 23.9 27.0 26.8
      HEART 7.5 lbs 7.5 9.0 9.0
      ADRENAL 1.15 ozs 1.39 1.68 1.73
      KIDNEY 3.7 lbs 4.1 5.1 5.3
      OVARY 0.82 ozs 0.99 1.07 1.10

      I cannot forgive the scientists who saw the
      truth and urged approval of a treatment that
      allows the animals to live in pain
      for the sake of their company profits.

      I cannot forgive the government regulators
      who benefit by the revolving door policy
      created by pharmaceutical companies who
      hire regulators with high paying jobs that
      continues a rotten system. These regulators
      had to have seen the scientific evidence.
      What turned them deaf, dumb, and blind to
      the truth?

      I cannot forgive the dairy farmers who pretend
      to care for their animals, while administering
      dose after dose of internal pain.

      When man learns an evil truth, however painful
      that truth may be, he loses his innocence and
      is no longer naive. There is just one single
      moment of truth when that educated man steps
      over his threshold, separating all that is good
      from all that is evil. Once over the line
      separating the ethical from the non-ethical,
      there is no recapturing one's dignity.

      The innocent animals continue to explode from
      within from man's biotechnically induced torture

      Robert Cohen
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