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    Ever climb a mountain, reaching the summit in exhaustion, then be unable to see the view because of clouds and mist? The ugliest summit of all time is the:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2001
      Ever climb a mountain, reaching the
      summit in exhaustion, then be unable
      to see the view because of clouds and
      mist? The ugliest summit of all time is the:


      I've come into possession of a number
      of documents marked:


      I love when this happens, particularly when
      the "smoking gun" is of a large caliber. In
      this case, the top-secret documents were
      shot out of a cannon.

      I now have in my possession the planning
      documents for the dairy industry's phony:


      It is clear from these documents that the
      so-called calcium summit is, in reality, a
      carefully planned media blitz, planned and
      run by the largest public relations firm in the
      world, BSMG Worldwide. I've previously
      written about BSMG:


      The most troubling part of the dairy industry
      marketing team, is that it includes police,
      media, USDA, public buildings, public
      money, and government subsidies.

      The key dairy industry player is Greg Miller.
      Miller was recently named as president of
      the American College of Nutrition, another
      dairy-sponsored/dairy-insider organization.

      Rather than comment or interpret the documents,
      I'll simply print some of the actual quotes
      contained in the internal memorandums.

      Originally, the plan was to invite all members
      of the American Dietetic Association (ADA).
      Here's what was decided:

      "Proposed forwarding Summit II invite to ADA
      listserve; decided against due to many vegan
      members of ADA."

      It gets worse:

      "Proposed mailing Summit II invite to ADA
      members in the Washington, D.C. area that
      are not within the vegetarian/vegan dietary
      practice group."

      And worse:

      "BSMG to research getting list from ADA
      broken down by practice area, i.e. removing
      members of vegan groups."

      Although the internal documents contain lists of
      confirmed media attendees, BSMG was already
      blacklisting select members of the media. Their
      secret document admits:

      "A 'media' member affiliated with a special
      interest group e-mailed the Web site to attend
      the event; BSMG forwarded client approved
      response alerting him that the invitation have
      not been distributed yet."

      Let me translate that for you. BSMG lied.
      The client (dairy industry) approved the lie.


      "Week of September 10 was decided as best
      week to hold the issues media training session
      pending Dr. Heaney and Joan Horbiak's availability.
      The training will be held at the Chicago BSMG
      office. Dr. Greg Miller should be media trained."

      On the same page as the proposed registration
      form, BSMG includes their strategy for dealing
      with on-site protestors. They write:

      "Investigate what our rights are of conducting a
      meeting in a public building; find out if we can
      lock all doors except those we'd like attendees
      to use. Alert local Washington, D.C. police about
      possible special interest group activity. Recommend
      the following five people (not named here) on-site
      be the 'Issues Swat Team'."

      THE PLAN

      "Our overall objective is to hold a flawless event.
      Keep unwelcome guests from attending summit.
      Minimize/neutralize media coverage should
      protestors appear."

      You might be interested in how they neutralize:

      "If someone tries to attend, we'll ask them to
      quietly step aside and show a business card
      so we can quietly escort them in to view the

      Escort? Who are the escorts?

      "Have four security (soft dressed in blazers)
      on site in the registration area to help insure
      a controlled meeting. Have designated staff
      controlling the microphones. Have a private
      press room for media to conduct interviews.
      Have designated areas of the Ronald Reagan
      building for crowd control."

      More strategy:

      "Keeping in mind the current environment,
      we should expect protestors the day of
      the event and we must be mindful of the

      Avoiding a negative media moment with
      visuals – as much as we can.

      Avoiding negative media coverage for the
      NDC (National Dairy Coalition) and
      MilkPep as well as the Coalition Participants."

      "From a publicity standpoint, our plan is to
      deflect and supercede protests with our
      controlled media messages…(including)
      advertisements placed in top national


      During the summer of 1999, I did a radio
      interview on a tiny 1000 watt station in Boston.
      I was a guest on the Nation of Islam's Hour of
      Power, 1090 AM. On that date, Massachusetts
      State Senator Diane Wilkerson was listening.

      She soon turned my NOTMILK campaign into
      her own, for the sake of the black children who
      comprise the majority of Boston's students
      (Minority children make up 84% of the 63,000
      kids in Boston's school system.)

      Diane's outspoken anti-milk agenda was
      reported in the Boston Globe, and soon after,
      the dairy industry placed a two-page ad
      announcing the formation of::


      Just to place a historical perspective upon
      that ad, at that time, my organization was
      called the Anti-Dairy COALITION.

      To that phony meeting, the dairy industry
      invited all of the scientists on their payroll. Never
      before had the city of Boston played host to such
      a number of paid professional hookers. One such
      attendee was Peter Holt. Holt's work had absolutely
      nothing to do with osteoporosis and calcium.

      Read how the Journal of the American Medical
      Association correctly ridiculed his phony
      colon cancer/cheese study:


      The truth about osteoporosis can be found
      right here:


      One of the best articles, complete with scientific
      references, was written by Bruce Friedrich:



      Ninety-five percent of African-Americans
      cannot tolerate lactose. Pizza and ice cream
      taste delicious on the way into their bodies.

      Lactose is a sugar and most people lack the
      enzyme (lactase) to break down lactose into
      glucose and galactose. Intact, this sugar
      is broken down in the intestines by bacteria
      and the results are gas, bloating and intestinal
      distress. More on lactose:


      Casein represents eighty percent of milk protein.
      This tenacious glue causes histamine production, the
      body's natural defense against an invading antigen.
      The resulting histamines result in mucous production.
      Mucous clogs bronchiloles and causes asthma attacks.

      Inner-city school systems like Boston, New York,
      Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles have very large
      populations of African-American students who live
      in poverty. In New York City, 38 percent of homeless
      children and 23 percent of kids in the Bronx are
      beneficiaries of USDA's school breakfast and lunch
      subsidies, which include enormous amounts of milk
      and cheese. Got milk? Got cheese? Got chocolate
      milk? Got asthma? These kids do.

      Milk contains powerful hormones. Rates of sexual
      maturity in children are astounding endocrinologists
      and behavioral psychologists. A recent study revealed
      that eighty percent of nine-year-old African-American
      girls are already experiencing breast development.

      Children are becoming overweight at an early age. By
      eating enormous quantities of growth hormones in
      combination with animal fat, the body has a way of
      listening to the signals of those chemical messengers:

      One out of five children has attention deficit disorder
      (ADD). A recent study in the Journal of Autism linked
      ADD with a milk protein, casomorphin.



      Many children of color live below the poverty level.
      In its wisdom, the United States Department of
      Agriculture provides free food and nutritional programs
      for these kids.

      In its lack of wisdom, USDA has chosen milk and
      dairy products to be the major components of these
      kid's diets. These children now receive free breakfasts
      of cereal with milk, free lunches of macaroni and cheese
      or pizza with chocolate milk. A free snack before they
      go home is cookies and more chocolate milk.


      Milk buffers gastric pH so that food in the stomach
      ferments and putrefies. Kids drink hormones and act
      irritable. In May of 1995, the Townsend Medical
      Letter listed eleven symptoms from milk consumption
      including mood swings, depression, and irratibility.

      In Boston, elementary school children are required to
      take the milk, although doctor's letters can get them
      out of that requirement.

      Boston schools offer lactaid milk as an alternative.
      In other words, children are given the antidote so
      that they might take the poison. There is no
      casein-free milk. Nor is there a hormone-free milk.
      Poor kids. Take away their ability to learn and
      make them sick by overdosing them on hormones
      with glue.

      Calcium Summit Coalition? They
      betray the children with lies.

      Robert Cohen
      Executive Director
      Dairy Education Board
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