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- MILK A-Z QUIZ (21-25)

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  • David Rietz
    Dear Friends, Here are the final 5 of 25 questions contained within the quiz in Robert Cohen s new book MILK A-Z: 21)Which of the following statements did not
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001
      Dear Friends,

      Here are the final 5 of 25 questions
      contained within the quiz in Robert
      Cohen's new book MILK A-Z:

      21)Which of the following statements
      did not appear in the British medical
      journal Lancet?

      a)Hypersensitivity to milk is implicated
      as a cause of sudden death in infancy.

      b)Those infants who died of SIDS expressed
      inappropriate or inflammatory responses
      suggesting violent allergic reactions to
      a foreign protein. Lung tissue and cells
      showed responses similar to bronchial wall
      inflammation in asthma.

      c)Those who consumed cows milk were
      fourteen times more likely to die from
      diarrhea-related complications and four
      times more likely to die of pneumonia
      than were breast-fed babies. Intolerance
      and allergy to cow's milk products is a
      factor in sudden infant death syndrome.

      d)Children under the age of two years
      who consume more that one-pint of
      fortified brandy before going to bed
      are prone to sudden infant death.

      22)On March 23, 1971, Secretary of
      the Treasury, John Connally said to
      President Richard Nixon (recorded on
      a Watergate tape): "These dairymen are
      organized, they're adamant, they're
      militant, and they're massing an
      enormous amount of money that they're
      going to put into political activities."
      What motivated Connally to make this

      a)Dairy reps had placed the severed
      head of a dairy cow in Nixon's bed,
      making him an offer he couldn't refuse.

      b)Richard Nixon had just been
      presented with a compromising
      surveillance photo of JFK, RFK, and
      Marilyn Monroe sporting what appeared
      to be the dairy industry's first milk
      mustache ad.

      c)President Nixon had just been given
      a $10 gift certificate to Dairy Queen
      from dairy industry representatives in
      the Oval Office.

      d)President Nixon had just been given
      a $3 million cash gift from dairy
      industry representatives in the Oval

      23)Children are taught in first grade
      that Vitamin D is the "sunshine vitamin."
      Vitamin D is a steroid hormone and is
      synthesized in one's body after skin
      is exposed to sunlight. Which statement
      about vitamin D is NOT true?

      a)Adults need 10-15 minutes of sunlight,
      two or three times a week to ensure
      proper Vitamin D levels.

      b)Vitamin D is toxic in overdose.
      Consuming as little as 45 micrograms
      of Vitamin D-3 in young children has
      resulted in signs of overdose. Testing
      of 10 samples of infant formula revealed
      seven with more that twice the Vitamin D
      content reported on the label, one of
      which had more than four times the
      label amount.

      c)Vitamin D increases aluminum absorption,
      and high aluminum levels in the body may
      cause an Alzheimer's-like disease.

      d)If boys and girls do not drink milk
      with Vitamin D added, when they turn 40,
      their bones will become brittle, and
      break, and they'll need hip replacement

      24)What has NOT been identified as
      a cause of acne?

      a)Acne occurs when steroids (androgens)
      stimulate the sebaceous glands within
      the skin's hair follicles. These glands
      then secrete an oily substance called
      sebum. When sebum, bacteria and dead
      skin cells build up on skin, the pores
      become blocked, creating acne.

      b)About 80 percent of cows that are
      giving milk are pregnant and are
      throwing off hormones continuously.
      Progesterone breaks down into androgens,
      which have been implicated as factor
      in the development of acne. Hormones
      found in cow's milk include: Estradiol,
      Estriol, Progesterone, prolactin, and

      c)The Journal of Endocrinology studied
      the effects of growth hormone (GH) and
      insulin-like growth factors (IGF-1),
      alone and with androgen, on sebaceous
      epithelial cell growth. IGF-I was the
      most potent stimulus of DNA synthesis,
      contributing to the increase in sebum
      production during puberty.

      d)Acne is caused by frogs, sugar, snails,
      spice, puppy dog tails, and everything nice.

      25)What is NOT true about the vegetarian
      NOTMILK lifestyle?

      a)According to the Journal of the American
      Dietetic Association, there is a positive
      correlation between a vegetarian diet and
      reduced risk for obesity, coronary artery
      disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus,
      and cancer.

      b)According to the British Medical Journal,
      vegetarians often have lower mortality
      rates from several chronic degenerative
      diseases than do non-vegetarians. Significant
      athersclerosis is rare in peoples whose diet
      over the life span is predominantly
      vegetarian and low in calories, saturated
      fat, and cholesterol.

      c)According to the Journal of the American
      Medical Association, vegetarian diets low
      in fat or saturated fat have been used
      successfully as part of comprehensive
      health programs to reverse severe
      coronary artery disease.

      d)Vegans live an average of two decades
      less than meat-eaters and milk drinkers
      which is just fine with carnivores, who
      are saved from having to listen to twenty
      or more years of irritating lecturing,
      preaching, and bragging.

      Robert Cohen

      View the WHOLE test with graphics and ANSWERS
      at: http://www.notmilk.com/nmquiz.html
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