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  • David Rietz
    The NOTMILKMAN (Robert Cohen) asked me to post this. Dave Rietz, Webmaster _________________________________________ MILK AND INFERTILITY Cow s milk proteins
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2001
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      The NOTMILKMAN (Robert Cohen) asked me to post this.
      Dave Rietz, Webmaster


      Cow's milk proteins and bovine hormones
      survive human digestive processes to exert
      powerful effects on the human body. Thousands
      of studies published in peer-reviewed
      scientific journals support this conclusion.

      There is also a milk sugar that initiates a
      catalytic effect upon human organs, burning
      and destroying tissues with such intensity
      that it continuously taxes a body's resources
      to repair the cellular damage.

      Those humans unable to tolerate lactose are
      the fortunate ones. They have eliminated milk
      and dairy from their diets, and, like 75% of
      the world's population, enjoy lower rates of
      osteoporosis, cancer, and heart disease.

      Lactose is a milk sugar made up of glucose
      and galactose. Mention galactose to your
      eye doctor and he or she will more than
      likely be able to provide you with the
      connection between glaucoma and galactose

      Galactose is toxic to the human system.


      Cardiologist David Gordon, M.D., wrote a
      book linking milk and dairy consumption
      to heart disease. He includes 428
      scientific papers, published in the most
      respected of peer-reviewed journals, that
      identify galactose as a key factor
      in heart disease. More info:


      A 1994 study (American Journal of Epidemiology,
      Vol. 139, No.3 1994 Daniel W. Cramer, et. al)
      identifies galactose as a causative factor in
      pathological ovarian function.

      Humans who are unable to digest lactose are
      referred to as having adult hypolactasia.
      Cramer's study found that a decline in
      fertility rates is higher in populations
      with high milk consumption.

      Got infertility? Eliminate milk and dairy
      from your diet.

      LACTASE is sold as a cure for those unable
      to digest lactose. Do not be foolish enough
      to first take the antidote so that you can
      then take the poison.

      Thanks to Scott Roseff, M.D. for the
      heads-up on the infertility study.

      Robert Cohen
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