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  • Robert Cohen
    Today is the first day of June, and you know what that means, right? June is the month for dads, grads and dairy ads. Dairy ads? That s right. June is National
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2001
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      Today is the first day of June, and you
      know what that means, right?

      June is the month for dads, grads and dairy
      ads. Dairy ads? That's right. June is
      National Dairy Month! (It's also a day that
      may live in infamy. There's a major cheese
      recall in progress. Got Listeria? More
      recall info at the end of this column.)

      Wake me up when the month of June is over,
      please. An enormous campaign is about to
      be waged. Make no mistake about it. This
      is war. You are the target. Will you become
      the victim?

      Watch for subliminal ads in which Fraser
      Crane slurps ice cream. Almost everybody
      will love Raymond as he eats pizza and
      guzzles extra-thick pus-shakes. (Both
      Fraser and Raymond enjoy hit TV shows,
      and the casts from each comedy program
      have posed for milk mustache ads.)

      Make no mistake about what is coming.
      Your senses are about to be bombarded
      by the well strategized and well financed
      dairy invasion.

      Be prepared to read thousands of pro-dairy
      articles. Next Wednesday's New York
      Times food section will feature ice creams
      or cheeses. Be prepared to see thousands
      more ads in newspapers and magazines,
      placed there by those who induce the media
      to promote their products.

      You'll see nightly TV news stories extolling
      the virtues of milk. You will be told that
      milk cures halitosis and zits. You'll see
      happy cows grazing in fields, and baseball
      players sporting milk mustaches.

      They (the National Fluid Milk Processors
      Promotion Board) have been working for
      many months, planning their media assault
      upon our sensibilities.

      Children will soon be leaving school for
      summer vacations, and the forced milk
      consumption program will take a break
      until those kids return next September.
      The dairy industry solution? Feed them
      more concentrated milk products.
      Production at cheese and ice cream
      plants shifts into overtime mode as
      liquid milk consumption decreases.

      The dairy industry is celebrating Dairy
      Month with a major cheese recall. Doesn't
      that make you sick to the stomach? Eat
      Sonoma's Wheel and Wedge-Shaped
      Sonoma Cheddar and Jack Cheese and
      you can celebrate Dairy Month with

      Today, Sonoma Foods has recalled all
      lots of wheels and wedges of Sonoma
      Cheddar and Sonoma Jack cheeses. All
      flavors of the product described above are
      affected. The voluntary recall is being
      conducted because the product may be
      contaminated with Listeria bacteria.

      Listeria can cause serious and sometimes fatal
      infections in young children, frail or elderly
      people and others with weakened immune
      systems. Healthy individuals may suffer
      high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea,
      abdominal pain and diarrhea. Listeria infection
      can also cause miscarriages.

      Consumers with questions may contact Sonoma
      Cheese Company at 1-800-367-1947.

      Happy dairy month!

      Robert Cohen
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