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Amazing Coincidence

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  • cohensmilk1
    What is the American dream? The American dream is one big tent. One big tent. And on that big tent you have four basic promises: equal protection under the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2014

      "What is the American dream? The American dream is one
      big tent. One big tent. And on that big tent you have
      four basic promises: equal protection under the law,
      equal opportunity, equal access, and fair share."
      - Jesse Jackson

      *     *     *     *

      IDFA (International Dairy Foods Association) includes
      550 dairy companies doing $125 billion annual business
      representing 85% of America's dairy production.

      IDFA Press Release 7/11/2014

      "Members of the Milk Industry Foundation (MIF) and
      IDFA staff called on key administration officials
      Wednesday to discuss their concerns about declining
      milk consumption in America and its impact on nutrition.
      Starting at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and
      ending at the White House, the members made sure the
      administration was aware of current consumption trends,
      which show Americans, especially children, are falling
      short of federal milk intake guidelines."

      The privilege of meeting with key Washington, D.C. policy
      makers is all about access, which in America, means investing
      one's dollars by greasing the appropriate palms.

      The members of the dairy industry committee were:

      Gregg Tanner, CEO of Dean Foods (America's #1 dairy distributor)
      Jeff Kaneb, V.P. HP Hood (3,000 employees, $2 billion sales)
      Jay Bryant, CEO of the Maryland and Virginia Producers Cooperative
      Ed Mullins, CEO of Prairie Farms Dairy
      Dave Carlin, IDFA V.P. of legislative affairs & economic policy
      Ruth Saunders, IDFA V.P of policy and legislative affairs
      Tyson Redpath and Randy Russell of the Russell Group,
      a Washington,D.C. consulting firm (The Russel Group
      is a D.C. lobbying powerhouse, also representing Monsanto.)
      Access? They Got Access!

      Who did the privileged few meet with?

      (morning) Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
      (afternoon) Eisenhower Executive Office Building,
      next to the White House, to meet with Sam Kass,
      the Obama administration's senior policy advisor
      for nutrition policy and executive director of
      Michelle Obama's Let's Move agenda which is
      dedicated to solving childhood obesity.

      When changes in federal policy occur, whose palms do
      you imagine will have been greased? Criminals, if
      never held accountable, repeat their crimes. See
      the evidence of a $3 million bribery case involving
      an American President and Dairy industry felons.


      Things do not get done in Washington by coincidence.
      Things get done with a plan and with a lot of money.
      American politics is the best cash business in the world,
      and good results never come by coincidence. Dairy
      insiders have long practiced the art of coincidence
      which, coincidentally, they've turned into an art form.

      *     *     *     *

      "A certain man once lost a diamond cuff-link in the wide
      blue sea, and twenty years later, on the exact day, a
      Friday apparently, he was eating a large fish - but there
      was no diamond inside. That's what I like about coincidence."
      - Vladimir Nabokov, Laughter in the Dark

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      Robert Cohen

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