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Metastasizing Carcinoma at the American Cancer Society

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    Scientists now believe that the primary biological function of breasts is to make males stupid. - Dave Barry. There s a heart beneath the boobs and a brain
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      "Scientists now believe that the primary biological
      function of breasts is to make males stupid."
      - Dave Barry.

      "There's a heart beneath the boobs
      and a brain beneath the wig."
      - Dolly Parton

      *     *     *     *

      Consider the faces of the sad bald-headed children, as
      seen in American Cancer Society (ACS) advertisements. Now,
      consider the image of Thomas Jefferson on the $2 bill.
      You may not have seen one lately, but over $1 billion
      worth of $2 bills are in circulation.

      Picture a shiny copper-clad penny. Only 2.5 percent of our
      smallest denomination coin consists of copper. The rest
      is zinc. The present copper penny is a paper-thin-skinned
      illusion. So too is the ACS's pretend-caring for little
      bald-headed cancer victims who will soon die. They are
      magnificent vehicles for money raising.

      For each $2 bill worth of donations raised by the ACS,
      only one copper-clad red cent is spent on children's cancers.

      In 2012 (the last year for which such data is available),
      ACS raised over $924 million. They also listed more than
      $1.2 billion in net assets.

      Their president, John Seffrin earns a $2.2 million annual
      salary. Last year, he was paid a $1.5 million bonus for all
      of the good work he performed continuing ACS "business".

      Perform a Google search on "American Cancer Society Scam" and
      you will get 610,000 results.

      ACS is a billion dollar corporation that fools do-gooders
      into imagining that they make a difference. ACS was founded by
      doctors and is supported by doctors and rewards those doctors
      who perform phony BRCA testing, and then perform very expensive
      mutilation surgeries removing the healthy breasts of those
      women who reLIE upon the lies of a morally corrupt medical
      system that runs amok by skillfully using scare tactics.

      Early on the morning of July 15, 2014, I found 1,541 new
      scientific publications on Medline. I was surprised that
      154 of those scientific papers were on the subject of cancer.
      It is rare that a Medline study does not contain an abstract.
      It is even rarer that such a publication does not include
      author information, author affiliation, or author contact
      information. Two studies offered nothing but a title.
      The journal was Cancer, and the author of both was Carrie
      Printz. Unlike all of the other cancer publication authors,
      Printz is neither a doctor nor cancer researcher, and a
      subsequent Notmilk investigation revealed that she has no
      educational background in science or cancer research. How
      then, could such a biased and ignorant writer get her poorly
      researched published in the ACS journal with this title:

      "Women with BRCA mutation have better
      survival rates after double mastectomy."

      I wondered, "Who the heck is Carrie Printz?"

      After looking up this journalist for hire, I sadly discovered
      that since May 1, 2014, non-scientist Printz has been credited
      with fourteen scientific publications in the journal Cancer,
      many of which promote protocols which make oncologists wealthy.

      Who is this Carrie Prince? She is the newly discovered
      (uncovered) Princess of the Miss-Carrie-of-Injustice.

      Her July 15, 2014 publication encourages women to voluntarily
      mutilate themselves by removing their healthy breasts after
      testing positive for the BRCA gene. Printz cites a February,
      2014 publication in the British Medical Journal to make her
      point, which is in fact, and enormous distortion of truth.

      Consider that virtually every American woman diagnosed with
      breast cancer in 2014 will have some sort of chemotherapy
      as her treatment, while reading a conclusion of the study
      published in the British Medical Journal (Metcalf, et. al.) 

      Doctors wrote:

      "In the current study, we report that women with a BRCA1
      (versus BRCA2) mutation were significantly more likely to
      die of their disease. However, the survival difference was
      not significant in the subgroup of cases that were treated
      with chemotherapy. This result is consistent with the conclusion
      of another study, which reported that carriers of the BRCA1
      mutation had a worse prognosis than did carriers of the BRCA2
      mutation or non-carriers, but only among women who did not
      receive chemotherapy."

      Virtually all have chemotherapy. Ah, the distortion.

      *     *     *     *

      "The most dangerous of all falsehoods
      is a slightly distorted truth."
      ― Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

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      Robert Cohen

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