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National Extreme-Stupidity Month

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    What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself. - Abraham Lincoln * * * * The cost to publish a Press Release on P.R. Newswire can run into
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      "What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself."
      - Abraham Lincoln

      *     *     *     *

      The cost to publish a Press Release on P.R. Newswire
      can run into the thousands of dollars. Who pays the
      cost? Usually, such business announcements are paid
      by corporations wishing to gain publicity by marketing
      and then selling more of their products.

      America is dead broke. Between fighting unnecessary wars
      in Iraq and Afghanistan, and spending billions of dollars
      to keep residents of Ciudad Juarez from stepping over a
      six inch trickle of brackish water that was once the
      roaring Rio Grande and then passing into El Paso, Texas,
      the United States has now found a creative new way to
      waste taxpayers money.

      In 2014, how does one define an American taxpayer?

      A taxpayer is a citizen in the minority who has not
      yet lost his or her job or had unemployment benefits
      run out. A taxpayer is a citizen who no longer has
      health insurance coverage; one who happily subsidizes
      those who no longer work, and those who are searching
      for American streets paved with gold while stepping
      over the Rio Grande.

      This week, the United States Census Bureau spent
      thousands of taxpayer dollars to issue a press release
      via P.R. Newswire. The critically important title of
      that July 13th press release:

      "Summer Food Favorites"


      The Census Bureau informed ignorant Americans:

      "It's not only National Grilling Month, but also National
      Hot Dog Month and National Ice Cream Month. Whether we call
      them frankfurters or just plain hot dogs, Americans eat some
      7 billion of them during the summer months. While more hot
      dogs are consumed during the summer, they are popular all
      year round — part of some $37 billion of processed meats
      sold in the U.S. each year. And when it comes to ice cream,
      we especially savor the cold treat during the summer, but
      spoon it out all year long. Americans consume a per capita
      average of 21 pounds of frozen dairy products annually."

      This is information I needed to know, and am proud that
      my country recognizes the importance of investing my tax
      dollars in this creative manner.

      *     *     *     *

      "To oppose corruption in government is
      the highest obligation of patriotism."
      - G. Edward Griffin

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      Robert Cohen

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