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Exposing 2014 Winter Olympic Drug Scandal

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  • cohensmilk1
    I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating. - Sophocles * * * * Two members of Russia s Winter Olympics team have been found to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2014

      "I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating."
      - Sophocles

      *     *     *     *  

      Two members of Russia's Winter Olympics team have
      been found to be in possession of a sophisticated
      performance enhancing drug (PED) for which there
      is no test. It is not possible for them to have
      obtained this drug, since it is not on the market.
      So how did they get it? Are we being witnesses
      to an Olympic-sized national cheating scandal?

      Called Mechano Growth Hormone (MGH), this drug
      is being tested on laboratory animals, although
      Moscow's Academy of Sciences seems to have obtained
      a supply which has trickled down to athletes.

      Welcome to Wellcome's brave new world. There is no
      test for their new genetically engineered cloned
      gene-spliced performance-enhancing drug.

      There are two versions of a new genetically engineered
      cloned gene-spliced hormone, which is so new, it has
      not yet been declared illegal.

      Although the International Olympic Committee plans
      to test the blood of 2,453 athletes and medal-winners,
      two Russian biathletes including Irina Starych have
      already been found to be in possession of "version A"
      of Mechano Growth Factor (MGF). There is a version twice
      as powerful as version A which is referred to as the
      "Full Size version". This week, undercover reporters
      were offered samples of the "Full Size" MGF by staff
      working for the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

      Why are you reading this here, and not on the front
      page of your local newspaper? Because Notmilk holds
      the gold medal for such investigations, that's why.

      The method by which MGF was created is quite complex,
      but here is the simple version:

      Genes from the IGF-I protein were spliced to produce
      different protein/peptides which usually have different
      biological functions. New molecular biology technologies
      made it possible to create a new artificial hormone
      with incredible cellular proliferation capabilities.
      MGF was created by splicing the genetic material
      from insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) into various
      human peptides and then cloned.

      *****For those of you able to comprehend the science
      behind this, in the case of the genetically engineered
      bovine growth hormone, a unique N-terminus was created.
      In this new scenario with IGF-1, gene splicing allowed
      biotechnologists to create a unique and powerfully
      unprecedented growth factor with a new C-terminus.*****

      IGF-I naturally occurs in both humans and cows, and is
      identical between those two species. See:


      Who manufactures this sophisticated version of
      a cow's most powerful growth hormone, IGF-1?

      Nobody seems to know...but I have my suspicions
      based upon tedious and meticulous research.

      During the twentieth century, Glaxo Wellcome (based in
      Great Britain) was one of the world's largest
      pharmaceutical companies. In 2000, Glaxo Wellcome
      merged with SmithKline Beecham to form Glaxo SmithKline.

      They pulled out the Wellcome mat with their new name,
      but left behind the Wellcome name as a vehicle to
      finance new drug studies. That's where I found
      the smoking hypodermic syringe.

      In 2005, the announcement of a new emerging technology
      based upon genetically engineered growth hormones emerged
      in the form of a publication which was "sponsored" and
      financed by Wellcome Trust and the International Olympic
      Games WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) committee.

      How ironic!

      Just as George Merck convinced President Truman to
      develop sophisticated biological weapons at Camp Detrick,
      Maryland, in a post-World War II world, and created
      terrifying weapons of mass destruction by doing so,
      so to has the International Olympic Committee sponsored
      the creation of a performance-enhancing drug that
      is now impossible to detect.

      The key publication appeared in the British Journal
      of Sports Medicine (2005;39:787-788).

      The newly created hormone peptide was called Mechano
      Growth Factor or MGF. Consider the arrogance of those
      involved in the naming process. Mechano is something
      mechanical. Artificially produced through technology.
      Never occurring naturally in nature. The most powerful
      growth hormone that mother nature did not conceive of.
      We are constantly reminded that it is not nice to
      fool mother nature. She has a way of turning
      topsy into turvy.

      The importance of this publication is that it heralded the
      emergence of a new performance-enhancing drug that athletes
      could use and not fear detection. The title of the study
      was revealing:

      "Research on Mechano Growth Factor: its potential for
      optimizing physical training as well as misuse in doping"

      Glaxo SmithKlein scientists discovered:

      "Mechano growth factor can produce rapid increases in muscle
      and strength, giving it considerable therapeutic and doping

      Olympic Athletes beware. Normal IGF-1 has been identified
      as the key factor in the growth and proliferation
      of every human cancer. Genetically engineered IGF-I
      is more powerful than the naturally occurring version
      and does what it was designed to do: make cells grow
      at a rapid rate. As for Mechano-IGF-1, nobody really
      knows, as there has been no study testing this new
      drug's effect on human subjects. To take Mechano Growth
      Factor for athletes participating in the Russian
      Winter Olympics is a technologically bizarre form
      of Russian Roulette.

      So many lies will be told denying this scandalous
      series of events being played out in Sochi, Russia.
      Those involved can correctly assume that they will
      not be exposed for their lie, as there is not yet
      a test for Mechano Growth Hormone. The 2,453 blood
      samples will be taken and saved for that day that
      the world does have a test. In the meantime,
      athletes become experimental lab animals in exchange
      for a moment of glory.

      How will Russian athletes perform? We shall know after
      17 days of competition. What can we compare their
      2014 performances to? The 2010 Winter Olympiad.

      In 2010, 86 Gold medals were awarded; 258 total medals.

      Canada won 14 gold (16.28%) and 26 total medals (10.08%).
      Germany won 10 gold (11.63%) and 30 total medals (11.63%).
      USA won 09 gold (10.46%) and 37 total medals (14.34%).
      Norway won 09 gold (10.46%) and 23 total medals (08.91%).
      Russia won 03 gold (03.49%) and 15 total medals (05.81%).

      Who is keeping score? We are!

      *     *     *     *

      "A lie has no leg, but a scandal has wings."
      Thomas Fuller

      Robert Cohen

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