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  • Robert Cohen
    Maybe we re just slow... So begins the editorial in this month s issue of Hoard s Dairyman, the dairy industry magazine. (February 25, 2001, Volume 146, No.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2001
      "Maybe we're just slow..."

      So begins the editorial in this month's issue
      of Hoard's Dairyman, the dairy industry magazine.
      (February 25, 2001, Volume 146, No. 4)

      Are these dairy people slow? Uh, uh. Just stupid.
      Wait until you read the enormous secret that they
      give away about the inner workings of their industry!

      In writing about the People for the Ethical Treatment of
      Animals (PETA), the editorial writer jumps to this conclusion:

      "The group also seems to have among its goals
      to irk people in the dairy industry."

      The entire editorial is insulting to PETA, with the
      exception of the last paragraph, which is written in a
      semi-dignified manner:

      "We all need to be aware of what extremists groups
      are doing and arm ourselves with facts to distribute
      rationally to our own friends, relatives, and other
      contacts. But our interaction with activists must be
      reserved and very professional."

      Let's return to the opening sentence, for what appears
      in the Hoard's editorial may very well be the stupidest comment
      ever written on an opinion page The editorial's author writes:

      "The less said the better when it comes to PETA and
      other off-the-wall, anti-animal agriculture groups..."

      This editorial writer should have taken his own advice,
      for in the next paragraph he reveals a secret that exposes
      the POWER of the dairy industry.

      Who runs the media? Those who practice the Golden Rule.
      He who has the gold, rules. The dairy industry invests $500
      million dollars each year to market their propaganda.

      In California, dairy producers tell people that milk comes from
      "happy cows." If only slaughterhouses had glass walls. Would
      you like to see how every "happy cow" ends her life? Three
      million not-so happy cows will have their throats slashed so that
      Americans can eat their flesh this year.

      Back to the editorial...Yes, Virginia. Maybe they are just
      slow. It's possible that Pappy Yokum mailed this one in from
      Dogpatch, USA.

      Hoard's teaches us a very important secret, previously known
      to the innermost circle of dairy executives. They write:

      "There are crisis management professionals on the staffs at
      Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) and the National Milk Producers
      Federation who are well equipped and well-connected to deal
      with media and diffuse the impact of misguided activists.
      For example, it is not widely known that DMI was able to
      prevent the launch of the PETA campaign that would have
      associated former Senator Dole (without his permission, of
      course) with the heading "Got Impotence?"

      I cannot believe that they gave away their secret. Obviously,
      they've never read Sun Tzu's Art of War.

      In the concluding paragraph, these clueless yahoos talk
      about being "professional," yet they give away an
      enormous secret that they conspired with the media
      to kill an ad campaign.

      PETA attempted to advertise during the Super Bowl. They
      were told that their $2.3 million was not good enough.

      Here, now, is an admission of collusion. At the very least,
      we urge PETA to litigate and seek the truth. Hoard's editorial
      writer boasts of the power of dairy insiders. I would enjoy
      seeing a court direct him to name names during depositions
      and interrogatories.

      Network advertising is supposed to be available in a free
      and unbiased manner to all potential advertisers. Ethics and
      morality demand that. The Federal Trade Commission
      guarantees and regulates that right.

      We owe a debt of graditude to Hoard's Dairyman for
      briefly peeling back the protective layer of that hidden
      power and ugliness within the milk industry. An ugliness,
      much like saturated fat in butter and cream which will
      now rise to the top for all to witness.

      Robert Cohen
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