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Football Milk Challenge

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  • cohensmilk1
    Dare to wear the foolish clown face. - Frank Sinatra I have watched every NFL playoff football game this year. Not once have I spotted a professional athlete
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2014
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      "Dare to wear the foolish clown face."
       - Frank Sinatra
      I have watched every NFL playoff football game this
      year. Not once have I spotted a professional athlete
      drinking chocolate milk on the sidelines, despite the
      clown-like tactics promoted by milk-marketing people
      who would more appropriately be in Disneyworld wearing
      Goofy clown faces than attempting to convince sports
      fans that chocolate milk is the best drink for athletes.
      Early this morning, I opened the outide door of my 
      daughter's home at 3:00 AM (I am babysitting two dogs
      and a turtle in Pennsylvania while she suffers the
      tropical sun of West Palm Beach) and was greeted by a
      painful gust of wind from hell which drove local 
      chills to twenty degrees below zero. They call this
      weather pattern a polar vortex, which froze my nose,
      toes, and cerebral cortex.
      I had foolishly made my way outside, wearing sweat pants 
      and a tee shirt with white athletic socks to warm my toes, 
      and in that moment of truth, dared myself to walk over
      a frozen ice-encrusted roadway. It was only a slight 
      distance, but it represented for me a trek through the
      Himalayan death zone, 8,000 meters above sea level, before
      reaching my goal and returning to the warmth of her abode. 
      I recalled the inspiring words of Reinhold Messner, the great 
      Austrian mountain climber, who once said, "I am nothing more 
      than a single narrow gasping lung, floating over the 
      mists and summits." 
      So I leashed the dogs, opened the door, took a first step,
      smiled, cursed, turned around, reached for the doorknob,
      turned again and step by step took five minutes to accomplish
      what should have taken only a few seconds. After returning
      and closing the door, I felt as if I has accomplished a
      great deed, and I had. It was just forty small steps for
      a man, seventeen giant strides for puppykind.
      In eight days, a football game will be played down the
      road from where I live near the New Jersey Meadowlands.
      It's (Brr) cold here in Pennsylvania, and should be just
      as chilly on February 2nd when the groundhog sees his
      shadow, and when the Seattle Seahawks play the Denver
      Broncos in a possible snow event which we now in New
      Jersey have named after our Guvner: The stupor Bowl.
      Today's challenge is not limited to to Green Bay 
      Packer "cheesehead" fans.
      Diogenes odf Sinope, the greatest cynic in Greek
      history, spent a lifetime seeking just one honest man.
      The Notmilkman, on the other hand, is seeking just one
      sports team to confirm or deny the dairy industry's
      most recent outlandish chocolate milk claim.
      America's milk processors continues to promote a big 
      lie. They claim that chocolate milk is the perfect 
      drink for exhausted athletes.  
      Does any reader of this Notmilk letter know a high 
      school, college, or professional football or soccer 
      coach willing to participate in an experiment? 
      I sure would enjoy somebody taking the dairy industry's 
      challenge. As a matter of fact, I'll be happy to get 
      live national television coverage of the event. 
      I'll also see to it that more than one ambulance is 
      on the scene to transport chocolate milk-drinking 
      athletes to emergency rooms from the cramping and 
      asthma attacks which result from drinking two or 
      more liters of chocolate milk before halftime 
      instead of water or Gatorade. They might even make 
      a movie of this and call it: The Longest Yard. 
      Please, oh please, take me up on this one. It will 
      be a defining moment in sports history. Is there 
      just one coach out of thousands who is willing to 
      invite his players to participate in this experiment? 
      There are thousands of high school football and soccer 
      teams. There are hundreds of college football and soccer 
      teams. There is the National Football League and the 
      World Soccer League. I am looking for just one courageous 
      I am willing to stake my reputation on this one. To the 
      team taking the dairy industry's advice, let me warn you: 
      It will not be pretty.
      "I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece.
      I challenge you to join the ranks of those people
      who live what they teach, who walk their talk."
       - Tony Robbins 
      Robert Cohen
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