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  • David Rietz
    UNHAPPY VALENTINE S DAY (Note: There is an enormous surprise ending to this story. You will be amazed!) VALENTINE S DAY PRESENT What did dairy farmers want?
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2001

      (Note: There is an enormous surprise ending to this
      story. You will be amazed!)


      What did dairy farmers want? A big box of Hershey's
      Kisses? Nah. Genetically engineered petunias? Nah.
      How about a tax-free package of goodies from Congress?
      Ah, sweet love.


      This past Valentine's day, February 14th, Senator Mitch
      McConnell, Republican senator from Kentucky (State
      Motto: United We Stand, Divided We Fall) introduced
      Senate Bill 333.

      This important piece of legislation gives new meaning
      to the phrase "dairy subsidy."

      Bill 333 is designed to provide tax and regulatory
      relief for farmers. In the words of the great Kentucky

      "Freeing farmers from excessive, and often
      counterproductive, government controls is an important
      step, but we still need to do more to give farmers the
      tools they need to succeed."

      Er, Senator. How about freeing all Americans from
      "counterproductive government controls?" I can't
      believe that this bureaucrat of bureaucrats said this.

      Just for the record, Mitch McConnell is one of the
      Senate's most powerful players. Last year, McConnell
      set a record for the amount of "soft" money that was
      raised, $20 million! The Senator opposes campaign
      finance reform, and by doing so, misses the boat on why
      America continues to over regulate with
      "counterproductive government controls."

      Senate Bill 333 offers billions of dollars of future
      tax relief for farmers.

      First is the repeal of the estate tax. All other
      Americans are heavily taxed when the assets from one
      generation pass on to a younger generation. In
      addition to this gift, McConnell seeks to exclude
      farmers from paying taxes on the gain from the sale of
      farmland. I don't get it. If they're selling out their
      farms, how does that preserve farms?

      The most amazing part of this bill allows a tax-free
      capital gain of up to $500,000 for these already over-
      subsidized farmers. This is not cow fertilizer, folks.
      Here's a look at how Congress continues to enact
      "counterproductive" legislation.


      Oh, yes. Remember Linda Chavez? She was George Bush's
      first choice of Secretary of Labor. Unfortunately,
      Chavez employed an illegal alien, and had to withdraw
      her name from consideration to this powerful cabinet

      Her replacement has not gotten a lot of press. Elaine
      Chao was confirmed by the Senate, and she is the new
      Secretary of Labor. Chao is the ex-director of United
      Way, the organization that raises millions of dollars
      in the softest of money, and distributes it in ways
      that...er...ways that most of us have no clue about.
      United Way's reputation has been so severely tarnished
      by mismanagement and financial abuse, that it's a
      wonder how anyone continues to donate money to that


      Why didn't the media report what I am about to reveal?

      Elaine Chao is married to Mr. Soft Money himself,
      Senator Mitch McConnell.

      Robert Cohen
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