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My Breakfast; My Lunch; My Dinner

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  • Robert
    My Breakfast; My Lunch; My Dinner The pursuit of perfection, then, is the pursuit of sweetness and light. - Matthew Arnold There is a song that each of my
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      My Breakfast; My Lunch; My Dinner

      "The pursuit of perfection, then, is
      the pursuit of sweetness and light."
      - Matthew Arnold

      There is a song that each of my three daughters
      used to sing as toddlers. I forget whether I
      taught them the words and tune, or whether they
      taught me, but I do remember that both singer
      and listener experienced unbridled glee:

      "Watermelon, watermelon, how it drips, how
      it drips! Up and down my elbow, up and down
      my elbow, spit out the pits, spit out the pits!"


      This week, my local supermarket (Shop Rite) is
      offering 18-20 pound summer-ripe bright red
      super-sweet watermelons for $3.99.

      I cut up one and ended up with nine
      one-quart containers of watermelon wedges.

      I enjoyed one quart for breakfast.
      I enjoyed a second quart for lunch.
      My dinner became a third quart.
      All I ate yesterday was watermelon, and
      I was very satisfied. This morning at
      2 AM, I am my fast by nibbling on
      another quart. Up and down my elbow,
      see how my keyboard gets wet!

      The cost ended up being 44 cents per quart.
      My $1.32 total food cost for Monday was well spent.

      Each 100-gram portion (3.5 ounces) of watermelon
      contains 91.45 grams of water, 7.5 grams of
      carbs, less than one gram each of fat and protein,
      and 30 calories.

      For each gram of calcium one wishes to absorb, one
      needs to consume an equal gram of magnesium.

      My three quarts of watermelon provided my body with
      522 calories, 132 milligrams of calcium, and 180
      milligrams of magnesium.

      The bottom line is that the three quarts of melon
      provided me with 132 milligrams of calcium.

      Compare that to whole milk!

      Three quarts of milk contains growth hormones
      and 1,800 calories, 96 grams of fat, 3,312
      milligrams of calcium, and 288 milligrams of
      magnesium. Based upon the 1:1 proportion, three
      quarts of milk provides a consumer with 288
      milligrams of calcium.

      In their landmark book detailing the diets of the
      healthiest people in the world (Okinawans), Wilcox,
      Wilcox, and Suzuki analyze different cultures by
      their calcium consumption. One example: The average
      American woman consumes 1183 milligrams each day in
      her diet. The average South American woman consumes
      just 80 milligrams per day of calcium. Yet, American
      women experience 11.5 times the rate of pelvic
      fractures as do South African women!

      I enjoy being on the safe side with my 132 milligrams.
      What happens to the milk drinker's unabsorbed 3,000+
      milligrams of calcium?

      Got heart disease? Got atherosclerotic plaque?
      Got kidney stones?

      "Swedish researchers followed 61,433 women born
      between 1914 and 1948 for an average of 19 years,
      confirming causes of death with a Swedish government
      registry. The investigators also used questionnaires
      to record the women's food and calcium supplement
      intake...they found that women who consumed 1,400
      milligrams or more of calcium a day had more than
      double the risk of death from heart disease...these
      women also had a 49 percent higher rate of death
      from cardiovascular disease, and a 40 percent higher
      risk of death from any cause."
      - New York Times, February 19, 2013

      Robert Cohen
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