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21st Century Zip Drive

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  • Robert
    21st Century Zip Drive Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo Da Vinci Whether the subject is the food we eat, or the lives we live, or the
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      21st Century Zip Drive

      "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
      - Leonardo Da Vinci

      Whether the subject is the food we eat, or the lives
      we live, or the way we treat our fellow man,
      simplicity is the rule to live by.

      Once upon a saner time, there were neither bombings
      nor school shootings. There were lacks of abductions and
      fear and terror for little girls and boys to ponder.

      I was in fourth grade then, and could ride the Eighth
      Avenue subway alone from 207th street in Manhattan
      down to 59th street where I would get off the train
      to walk four blocks and meet my dad at the 63rd street
      YMCA. At that time, I was on the Triton Club swim
      team and was the fastest 8-year-old in New York City.
      I have experienced many ugly things shatter my once-
      pure and innocent equilibrium since that era more than
      five decades ago.

      Now, at this magical moment, I have re-discovered a means
      to save the world. If only I could get everybody to
      simultaneously watch the following 4-minute video.

      Has anybody ever expressed the spirit of animal rights
      issues better than this man who died at age 44 and was
      awarded an honorary Oscar for his performance? James
      Baskett instructed his young friend:

      "In those days...the critters were closer to the
      folks, and the folks were closer to the critters."

      If you cannot relate, then, that represents your loss.


      With shattered dreams, the cute little boy with a
      Hollywood future and a million-dollar smile who was
      missing one tooth could not relate. He would star in
      numerous animated movies, and even became the voice of
      Walt Disney's Peter Pan, but he rapidly went through
      his money after growing up to become a drug addict.
      In 1968, Bobby Driscoll died in poverty of hepatitis
      at the age of 31 and his body was found in an abandoned
      Greenwich Village building.

      Today begins a life for each one of us to live
      to a resounding potential conclusion.

      "I have just three things to teach: simplicity,
      patience, compassion. These three are your greatest
      - Lao Tzu

      Robert Cohen
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