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Beach Boy, or Beached Whale?

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  • Robert
    Beach Boy, or Beached Whale? Comfort and milk safety is our vow. - Beach Boy Milk Parody Song at the 1:20 mark (*** At 1:30, dairy farmers greet the
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      Beach Boy, or Beached Whale?

      "Comfort and milk safety is our vow."
      - Beach Boy Milk Parody Song at the 1:20 mark

      (*** At 1:30, dairy farmers greet the Notmilkman)

      Comfort and safety? Where, may I ask, are the
      slaughterhouse scenes, or the tail docking, or
      calf separation or horn cauterizations?


      There is a ten second segment of the video
      (from 2:00 - 2:10) where a cute little blond-haired
      blue-eyed girl is used to evoke sympathy to the
      dairy cause through the clever use of a Beach Boys
      song. Consider the nighmares these kids would have
      if they ever witness a dairy cow's final scene.

      * * * * * *

      Brian Wison of the Beach Boys is the most brilliant
      rock and roll song writer of my generation. A few
      years ago, I attended an outdoor summer concert at
      Southampton College with my daughter Jennifer in
      which Wilson and his Beach Boys appeared with Paul
      Simon. It was an evening to remember.

      Some Beach Boys dairy-related songs:

      1) Milk consumption does not offer GOOD VIBRATIONS:


      2) I WISH THEY ALL COULD BE obese Wisconsin princesses:


      3) What humans should drink is COOL COOL WATER:


      4) Why did RHONDA offer help? Got Crohn's from milk?


      5) Who caused the problem? MRS O'LEARY'S COW!


      6) Cancer changed THE LITTLE GIRL I ONCE KNEW (bovine IGF-1).


      7) WOULDN'T IT BE NICE if nobody drank pus, hormones and glue?


      8) What should one not drink after the SURF'S UP BEFORE
      I DIE from heart disease, bone disease, cancer, diabetes,
      asthma, ulcerative colitis, or multiple sclerosis?


      Thank you, Beach Boys. Eat ice cream and pizza
      and you too can resemble a beached whale.

      "He has Van Gogh's ear for music."
      - Billy Wilder

      Robert Cohen
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