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Friends in Low Places

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  • Robert
    Friends in Low Places Successful politicians are insecure and intimidated men. They advance politically only as they placate, appease, bribe, seduce,
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      Friends in Low Places

      "Successful politicians are insecure and intimidated
      men. They advance politically only as they placate,
      appease, bribe, seduce, bamboozle or otherwise manage
      to manipulate the demanding and threatening elements
      in their constituencies."
      - Walter Lippmann

      Look at the photo on her Senate website,
      and this 76-year-old wolf-in-sheep's-clothing
      from Maryland resembles anybody's sweet little
      old grandmother.


      From 2007-2012, Senator Barbara Mikulski received
      $216,521 in political donations from biotechnology
      pharmaceutical companies. Late Monday night, March
      25, 2013, she paid back every favor she owed with

      The eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute rider
      added to America's new Senate Agriculture
      Appropriations Bill is being referred to as
      the 'Monsanto Protection act', but the new
      law was actually enacted to protect DuPont,
      Monsanto, BASF, Bayer, Syngenta and Dow Chemical
      from future lawsuits related to GMO errors.

      The Bill was passed late at night before the
      Senate broke for their mini-Easter vacation
      break. It was signed the following day on March
      26, 2013 by Precedent Obama.

      How does one get lower than the low?

      When scraping the bottom of their ruddlerless
      crafts, canoeists often find pond scum. And
      then even lower that that, in the depths of the
      Potomac, one sometimes finds the portal to hell.

      Somewhere in between hell and pond scum,
      there is a palace we call Congress. The
      stench is an odiferous mixture off putrefying
      cells and rotting souls, and the key word in
      this place of betrayal, is sell, as in
      a politician's integrity.

      Senator Debbie Stabenow from Michigan stabbed
      us-now in the back after receiving $25,000 in
      political donations from Dow Chemical Company.

      It cost a lot of money to invest in a Senator
      to betray Americans, but such legal bribes are
      great investments by pharmaceutical companies
      whose business it is to genetically engineer
      corn and soybeans, such as Dow.

      If there is sickness or accident from GMO
      products in the future, the blame lies upon
      the pocketbooks and spirits of the three
      Senators who conspired to introduce the
      "Monsanto" rider.

      The third bribe taker is Senator Mark Pryor from

      What is Pryor's priority? The prying eyes of
      Notmilk discovered just which side of the bed
      Senator Pryor sleeps in. His law firm (Wright,
      Lindsey, and Jennings) recently represented
      Monsanto in Arkansas District Court (case
      number 2:04-cv-00208). During the 2011-2012
      election cycle, Pryor received over $513,000
      in trickle-down donations from interests seeking
      political favors.

      "Temptation is a fire that brings up the scum of
      the vile heart: Do you carefully mark the first
      risings of corruption."
      - Reverend Thomas Boston

      Robert Cohen
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