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  • Robert Cohen
    RAW MILK Los Angeles County has just completed a study on the health risks from drinking raw milk. They ve issued a report. Here are some of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2001
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      RAW MILK

      Los Angeles County has just completed a study on the
      health risks from drinking raw milk. They've issued a
      report. Here are some of the highlighlights/lowlights.

      Health Risks

      "Diseases which may be transmitted by micro-organisms
      in raw milk or raw milk products include salmonellosis,
      campylobacteriosis, brucellosis, yersiniosis, listeriosis,
      staphylococcal enterotoxin poisoning, streptococcal
      infections, tuberculosis and E. Coli 0157:H7 infection."

      In mid March, I will be debating raw milk advocate
      Sally Fallon at the Toronto Total Health 2001
      conference. Sally's web page:


      I'll be sure to give Sally a copy of a study that appeared
      in the journal Dairy Science (1999 Dec, 82:12). A study
      was performed in which raw milk samples from dairy
      herds were tested. Here is what scientists found:

      "Bulk tank milk from 131 dairy herds in eastern South
      Dakota and western Minnesota were examined for
      coliforms and noncoliform bacteria. Coliforms were
      detected in 62.3% of bulk tank milk samples... noncoliform
      bacteria were observed in 76.3% of bulk tank milk."

      Drink raw milk and you're not the only one at risk.
      The Los Angeles County report reveals:

      "Although the initial impact of the disease is on the individual
      consumer, many pathogens may be transmitted from person
      to person, including to family members, and patrons of
      restaurants if the individual is a food handler. The fetus
      of a pregnant woman may be at risk. Some of the diseases
      associated with the pathogens can lead to death, particularly
      among vulnerable persons."

      The Los Angeles County report cites Centers for Disease
      Control estimates that no more than one out of 20 cases
      of food borne illness are reported to local health
      departments. Such illnesses are epidemic in nature, and
      rarely reported by the media. Various examples of mass
      milk poisonings were given in the L.A. study.

      In 1985, an outbreak of listeria was linked to soft
      cheese made from raw milk produced in Los Angeles
      Of the 142 cases reported, 93 were in pregnant women
      or their children. There were 48 deaths, including 20

      Since 1973, 394 cases of salmonella have been
      reported in Los Angeles County. Of these, 101 (25.6%)
      were consumers of raw milk. Molecular fingerprinting
      identified the strain of bacteria in ill persons as
      the same as that found in raw milk samples.

      Health Benefits of Raw Milk

      A rigorous review of the medical and scientific literature
      by the L.A. County investigators found no studies
      suggesting health benefits from consuming raw
      cow's milk.

      Robert Cohen
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