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  • Robert Cohen
    BEN S HEART Thanks to my webmaster (Dave Rietz) for creating a pulsating tribute to Ben Cohen, founder of Ben & Jerry s Ice Cream:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31 5:31 AM

      Thanks to my webmaster (Dave Rietz) for
      creating a pulsating tribute to Ben Cohen,
      founder of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream:


      Dairy industry milk mustache ads claim:


      Ben Cohen just received four essential
      ingredients, each a large piece of vein taken
      from Ben's leg to replace and bypass badly
      damaged atherosclerotic sections of Mr.
      Ice Cream's arteries.

      Ben's tasty treats may contain nine components
      that are essential to the financial survival
      of cardiologists and heart surgeons. Fat.
      Cholesterol. Xanthene Oxidase. Galactose.
      Dioxins. Virus, pus, bacteria & parasites.

      Saturated animal fat. Milk has been called
      "liquid meat." Twelve pounds of milk are
      required to manufacture one pint of Ben's
      very rich ice cream. For some, this treat is
      an essential ending to a delicious meal. To
      others, it's an essential finale to a delicious life.

      Cholesterol. That's another essential
      ingredient in Ben's gourmet ice cream.
      Ben has now been advised to limit his intake
      of cholesterol. Perhaps he'll seek a second
      opinion from a dairy industry cardiologist.

      Xanthene Oxidase. Two Connecticut
      cardiologists (Oster & Ross) identified an
      essential enzyme in milk that destroyed one third
      of the atrial material in the arteries of their patients.

      Galactose, a milk sugar. Another essential milk
      component that acts to degrade the arteries.
      The lucky people who cannot tolerate lactose
      avoid ice cream. Those who can digest lactose
      break it down into two other sugars, glucose and

      Steve Milloy (junkscience.com) tested Ben's
      Vanilla ice cream. What did he find? Two
      hundred times the safe level of dioxins. Industrial
      sludge adds to the potent brew of essential

      Virus, pus, bacteria. Do infections do the heart
      any good? What is the effect of disease on the
      immune system?

      Parasites? Heart worms, filaria. Slaughterhouses
      have employees whose job it is to fill bins with
      creatures who lodge in internal organs, destroying
      from within. Anybody with a dog knows that
      heartworm medicine is essential. Humans get
      heartworms too. Have you taken your medicine?

      The best medicine is prevention. One gram of
      prevention is worth a kilo of cure. Prediction:
      Ben's future will not include ice cream.

      Robert Cohen
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