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Olympian Swimmers Admit to Growth Hormone Use

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  • Robert
    Olympian Swimmers Admit to Growth Hormone Use I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating. - Sophocles QUESTION: What is the difference
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2012
      Olympian Swimmers Admit to Growth Hormone Use

      "I would prefer even to fail with
      honor than to win by cheating."
      - Sophocles

      QUESTION: What is the difference between an
      athlete who uses growth hormones to improve
      his or her performance and gets caught, and
      an athlete who uses growth hormones and does
      not get caught?

      ANSWER: Those who get cheat and get caught are
      suspended from competition and forever have
      shame associated with their names. Those who
      cheat and do not get caught gain glory, fame,
      and fortune.

      USA Swimming decides which competitors will appear
      on the United States Olympic swimming team.

      Dana Torres is one of the best known athletes
      on the United States Olympic Swim team. Athletes
      are in agreement. Dana is ripped. Her body
      is finely muscled, as if chisEled from stone.
      If MichaelangElo lived in our era, her body would
      be immortalized in the finest marble such as the
      statue of The Pieta, or David, or Bacchus, or of
      the Madonna. Like the San Pietro in Rome, or Moses,
      or the dying slave which is on display in the Louvre.

      The Dana (post IGF-I use)

      How does one get a body like this:


      By working out hard and by taking powerful
      growth hormones after every workout. Human
      growth hormones make muscles grow. You can have
      such a body, and I'll tell you how in a moment...

      Where did Dana get those six pack abs? Although
      Dana is a mom and is now 45 years old, she charmed
      Americans during the 2008 Summer Olympics by winning
      three silver medals in the pool.

      Dana has admitted to taking growth hormones,
      and recently admitted that she will not stop.

      As a matter of fact, USA swimming has signed a
      contract with that human growth hormone provider,
      and is making money supplying American swimmers
      with those same powerful human growth hormones.

      In 1944, just 68 years ago, human growth hormone
      (hGH) was first identified by scientists. Thirty
      years later (1974) an even more powerful growth
      hormone was identified. It was called insulin-like
      growth factor (IGF-1). Had IGF-I been identified
      first, it would have been named hGH, as it is
      much more powerful than hGH.

      The building blocks of protein growth hormones are
      amino acids. Just as a child's castle is constructed
      with different colored Legos, protein growth
      hormones are constructed with various arrangements
      of amino acids.

      The official Lego chart lists 179 different colors,
      so there is virtually an infinite combinations and
      permutations of different castles which can be
      constructed. No human will ever live long enough
      to recite that number.

      There are 28 different amino acids.

      The bovine (cow) growth hormone (bGH) contains
      191 amino acids. The human growth hormone (hGH)
      also contains 191 amino acids. But...the sequence
      of those amino acids on a protein chain differs
      by about 35 percent. Like an intricate key used
      to open a Medco lock, the bovine growth hormone
      cannot exert an affect on humans, because it
      cannot attach to human growth hormone receptors.

      IGF-I is a Lego of a different color.

      The bovine version of IGF-I contains 70 amino acids.
      The human growth hormone als contains 70 amino acids.

      Here comes something astonishing: Human IGF-I
      and bovine IGF-I are identical. When bovine IGF-I
      attaches to a human IGF-1 receptor, it becomes
      the key to unlock the key leading to the powerful
      growth of human muscles.

      This is why Dana is so magnificently ripped.
      So will the rest of the U.S swim team which
      will enjoy great success if they are not caught
      using IGF-I before and during the 2012 Olympics.

      The USA Swimming team has just signed a contract
      with the Milk Processor Education Board. USA Swim
      is promoting chocolate milk, and their chief
      spokesperson and chocolate milk promoter is
      Dana Torres.

      How much money are the getting?
      They will not tell me.

      Perhaps they will tell you.

      The Ececutive Director of USA Swimming is
      Chuck Wielgus. His phone number is 719-866-3579.

      Atletes are always under close scrutiny to
      preserve the image and integrity of their sport.

      In that regard, USA Swimming employs an
      Athelte Protection Officer. Her name is
      Susan Woessner and her telephone number is

      I spoke with a few people at USA Swimming. The
      one who should be addressing this issue, Stacey,
      is in the process of giving birth. I hope that
      she decides to breastfeed and has a cow-hormone-free

      Please send a copy of this to your local newspaper
      and radio station. America has a right to know,
      particularly American school children and their
      parents. Please give them my contact information:


      Got chocolate milk? Got IGF-1 growth hormone.

      What other athletes have taken human protein
      growth hormones?

      There's Jose Guillen who played for 8 different
      teams over 14 years, and New York Yankees Jason
      Giambi (who later developed a pituitary tumor)
      and Andy Pettitte as well British rugby player,
      Terry Newton. Football player Bill Romanowski
      and French cyclists competing in the Tour de
      France and Olympic athlete Marion Jones, who
      was stripped of her Olympic medals. And even
      Sylvester Stallone whose magnificent Dana-Torres-
      like body is known to moviegoers as Rocky/Rambo.

      P.S. - If you know Dana Torres or USA Swim, please
      urge them to bring a lawsuit against me. I welcome
      the opportunity to put the true villain (the dairy
      industry) on trial.

      Robert Cohen
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