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The Gifted Physician Who Administers Phyto Medicine

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  • Robert
    The Gifted Physician Who Administers Phyto Medicine In July of 2010, I fractured two bones in my foot a few weeks before my first triathlon. My foot became
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      The Gifted Physician Who Administers Phyto Medicine

      In July of 2010, I fractured two bones in my foot
      a few weeks before my first triathlon. My foot
      became swollen, and I could not put on my bike
      shoes or sneakers.

      I received medical advice from a brilliant doctor
      who rapidly healed my injuries (impossible, or so
      I thought) in a manner contrary to what most doctors
      learn in medical school. I wrote about her gift:


      On Saturday, I suffered a nasty fall on a hidden patch
      of ice under a few feet of snow. I do not remember reaching
      out to cushion the fall, but my wrist absorbed the impact
      and focused all of the energy from that collision with my
      driveway upon a tiny bone in the wrist called the pisiform.

      So...I repeated the process given to me by Dr. Flora. I
      pureed a papaya and squeezed out the juice and reserved
      the pulp in a gallon-sized plastic bag. I did the same
      with a pineapple. That night, I bathed my fractured
      wrist in the papaya pulp for ten minutes, then repeated
      the process with the pineapple pulp. After a good night
      sleep, there seemed to be a slight healing. Did I
      imagine it? I would guess that there was a ten percent

      I again soaked my wrist the second evening in freshly made
      healing purees before going to bed. The following morning,
      there was a fifty percent improvement and I was
      definitely not imagining it. Immediatly after my crash,
      I could neither open a jar nor turn a key in a lock.
      Now I could do both, with some difficulty.

      On the third night, I soaked my wrist in fresh fruity
      unguents, then went to bed. In the morning, I was 95
      percent pain free. I went to the gym and did a full
      workout. My lower back hurt quite a bit from the fall,
      and will remain sore for a while, but I can work
      through the pain. I rode an hour on a stationary bike
      at different levels of intensity, always maintaining
      an RPM pace of over 100.

      On day 4, the pain in my wrist was completely gone.

      When I contacted Dr. Flora and thanked her again,
      she suggested that I drink a cup of wheat grass
      juice every day, just to keep my body alert and
      filled with energy.

      Dr. Flora once worked closely with Dr. Ann Wigmore,
      transcribing her work and traveling with the woman
      who re-wrote medicine with her Wheat Grass therapies.


      Dr. Flora wrote to me:

      "You need to ensalivate each mouthful at least 2 minutes,
      chewing vigorously up and down with your jaws as if it were
      a solid blade of grass (which causes the saliva to be provided
      in amounts necessary to do the job well of starting the digestion
      of the starches so one won't get gas, in order for the vitamins
      to be absorbed in the roof of your mouth, and the minerals, under
      your tongue. As before, the pulp can be used as a poultice for
      your wrist with amazing effects when you put fresh juice on the
      pulp every 15 minutes and slop it around while resting on a green
      towel on some plastic tablecloth."

      Whew! That was a mouthful, but it got me to thinking...

      I then replied to Dr. Flora:

      "BY THE WAY...There is another reason for drinking and chewing
      the wheat grass liquid that you might not be aware of. I'll
      teach you that in a moment." And I did, and now I am sharing
      it with you.

      By slowly chewing the wheatgrass juice and creating saliva,
      one saturates oral seretions with a powerful growth hormone,
      insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). IGF-I is the most powerful
      growth hormone in the human body, more powerful than even human
      growth hormone (GH). Human saliva contains a natural presence
      of IGF-I.

      Many people ask this silly riddle:

      "Why do dogs lick themselves?"

      They then answer:

      "Because they can."

      The real reason includes something more than just
      pleasure or grooming. By licking sore joints or small
      wounds, a mammal will experience growth and healing.

      Should you ever require the information and inspiration
      of one very magic healer, contact Dr. Flora:



      In all of her wonderful years on this planet, Dr. Flora
      has given much more than she has taken. The one thing that
      makes me sad about her is that Dr, Flora has now reached
      the midpoint of her life, and only has only six or
      seven decades left in which to help others with her
      shamen-like magical wisdom and power.

      Robert Cohen
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