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I Need Your Help to Become President

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    I Need Your Help to Become President I am resigning from the Senate because Congress no longer works. - Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, 2010 I am not seeking
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      I Need Your Help to Become President

      "I am resigning from the Senate because Congress
      no longer works."
      - Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, 2010

      "I am not seeking re-election to the Senate because
      Congress no longer works."
      - New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley, 1996

      On this day I am announcing the formation
      of a new political party which I will lead
      on my quest to become president of these
      United States of America.

      I have a vision and it is time to exercise it.
      I have a simple plan and a theme which will again
      make America great by giving back integrity to
      each and every member of Congress who now shares
      responsibility for failing the American people.

      Our new party is to be called The Integrity Party and
      yes, this is a revolution...the first revolution in
      history which intends to return greatness to a once-great
      nation by returning to the principles upon which is
      was first established.

      I've just registered these two new websites:


      I will need your help to succeed.

      The first "thing" we require is a brilliant
      webmaster able, willing, and ready to work
      hard to turn a national campaign into a
      living sculpture.

      Please let me know if you are that person.

      The second thing we require is an attorney
      who is willing to offer pro bono assistance.

      Please let me know if you are that person.

      We will also need an accountant who is able
      to count beans and control the funds which
      will help to finance our efforts.

      Please let me know if you are that person.

      The Integrity Party will need candidates. We
      will require men and women with passion and
      creativity and a powerful need to achieve

      Today I directly reach 6,000 Notmilk readers
      who will post this mailing to other lists and
      send it to friends so that as the hours of this
      day pass, tens of thousands more readers will
      become inspired to join the Integrity Party.

      The most important mandate of The Integrity Party
      platform is to give Integrity back to members of
      Congress. It is my belief that America's ideals are
      great, and that those men and women who become our
      representatives first get elected because they
      possess enormous Integrity. Their first day on Capitol
      Hill they learn that they cannot function unless that
      integrity is sacrificed.

      A new member of Congress becomes challenged. He or she
      learns that proposed bills will take months or years
      to be referred to Committee. Such bills will not even
      make it to a Congressional vote unless that newbie
      cooperates with the Speaker of the House (or minority
      leader) by voting directly down party lines. Integrity
      is lost to a fixed system based upon many factors
      including PAC money donations.

      We need to make America great again. Too many members
      of the House of Representatives or Senate have resigned.
      Their parting words are usually some variation of
      "Congress No Longer Works."

      It is the intention of The Integrity Party to once
      again make Congress work. We have an easy plan to do so.
      Our vision will take fifteen seconds to institute.

      Many years ago, I was inspired to see Ross Perot buy
      television time and appear with his pie charts to
      present new perspectives. Here was a man who was able
      to identify problems, which made him unique. Unfortunately,
      he was not able to offer solutions. Still...by identifying
      problems he enabled us with the potential to create
      solutions. His candidacy was one step beyond his era's
      existing Congress which lacked the ability to identify

      We have the ability to identify problems and create
      solutions and not be beholden to companies with interests
      contrary to the spirit of America.

      The National Integrity Party seeks to identify and create
      CANDIDATES in every one of America's Congressional districts.
      You politics and philosophy and platform issues might
      differ from ours is some regards, but the single most
      important factor is that you be allowed to exercise your
      Integrity each time you vote to represent the people in
      your particular district.

      We first need a webmaster.
      Please contact me privately if you are that person.

      Robert Cohen
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