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Cheezy Love Affair with USDA Secretary

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  • cohensmilk1
    Cheezy Love Affair with USDA Secretary California is America s number-one dairy-producing state, and as the California s dairy industry goes, so goes all of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2009
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      Cheezy Love Affair with USDA Secretary

      California is America's number-one dairy-producing
      state, and as the California's dairy industry goes,
      so goes all of America's dairy farms. The West Coast
      dairy industry has a trade organization called the
      Western United Dairymen (WUD). Ray Souza is
      WUD'S president.

      It takes 12 pounds of milk to make one pound of
      cheddar cheese. The demand for milk is extremely
      low, so that a record amount of milk has been converted
      into a storable commodity, cheese. Things have gotten
      so bad for the dairy industry that more than nine hundred
      million pounds of cheese (representing nine billion pounds
      of milk) are now being stockpiled in cold storage.

      WUD has pleaded and begged USDA to save their
      collective butts by making an initial purchase of 100
      million pounds of that cheese. As part of America's
      economic stimulus program, the cheese will be given
      to poor people who will then deposit loads of undigested
      cheese in their toilets. That action should provide
      seventeen more jobs for the toilet paper industry and
      become the Obama Administration's best example
      of trickle-down economics.

      In a letter to USDA secretary Tom Vilsack, Sousa
      wrote that a "significant purchase of cheddar
      cheese" would provide a "rare opportunity" to
      ease the current dairy industry collapse.

      What does Vilsack get out of this action which will
      screw America's taxpayers? I don't know, because
      I cannot see through closed doors, and I am not a
      fly on Vilsack's wall. However, there is historical
      precedent for the dairy industry using cash bribes
      for powerful people in high places. There ought to
      be a law, but who is foolish enough to tape what
      goes on behind closed doors. Who? Read the facts
      behind the most famous dairy bribe in history:


      If you are currently on USDA's WIC program, or
      if you currently are a recipient of USDA's subsidized
      or free foods, expect to be eating plenty of macaroni
      and cheeze in the very near future.

      Of course, USDA will provide more jobs and hire more
      Americans by launching a new educational program
      with the purpose of simultaneously attempting to
      convince you into believing that cheddar cheese
      is a health food. Watch for future headlines:

      Cheddar Cheese consumption prevents osteoporosis,
      cancer, heart disease, asthma, and diabetes.

      Robert Cohen
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