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Celebrating June as National Dairy Month

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    Celebrating June as National Dairy Month http://tinyurl.com/mdfy2v If only consumers could see the filters from the milk from freshly milked cows which capture
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      Celebrating June as National Dairy Month


      If only consumers could see the filters from the milk from
      freshly milked cows which capture feces, clotted blood,
      and phlegm. Feces pass coloform bacteria (from the colon)
      to the milk you drink. This is not the exception to the
      rule. This is just the way it is.

      Today is the first day of June, and that means America is
      celebrating National Dairy Month.

      Here is how the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) celebrates.
      CDC's monthly Emerging Disease Journal (Vol. 10, No. 5) traced
      the etiology of infectious disease outbreaks directly to
      pasteurized milk consumption.

      <http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/EID/vol10no5/03-0484.htm >

      Centers for Disease Control scientists determined
      that a new strain of multidrug-resistant Salmonella,
      passed from cows to humans through milk, cannot be
      controlled by antibiotics.

      Lead CDC researcher Sonja J. Olsen is chief of the Epidemiology
      Section of the International Emerging Infections Program in
      Thailand. Dr. Olsen's interests include the epidemiology and
      control of emerging infectious diseases.

      Olsen's team investigated a recent Pennsylvania outbreak.
      CDC determined that routine inspections do not prevent
      poisonings. CDC also determined that such contaminations
      after pasteurization are common.

      CDC did not state the obvious. Drink body fluids from
      diseased animals and you place yourself at risk. Since
      pasteurization does not work, and since infections in
      cows are all so common, there is just one way to avoid
      becoming a CDC statistic...Notmilk!

      What did 150,000 Chicago area people do wrong in
      March of 1985?

      The same thing that 16 Kentucky nuns did wrong in April
      of 1984. The same thing that 15 Vermont school children
      did wrong in March of 1986, and the same thing that 45
      Illinois picnic goers did wrong in July of 1995.
      Ninety-three people in New Jersey and Connecticut fell
      ill after drinking pasteurized milk in March of
      2000, while 49 people became ill after drinking pasteurized
      milk in Massachusetts. Thirty-eight in a New York school.
      Twenty-three in Arizona. All became violently sick after
      drinking pasteurized milk. Forty-nine at a military base
      in Louisiana, and 97 at a Florida nursing home. All trusted
      the work of Louis Pasteur. All trusted the marketing from
      the dairy industry. Nature's perfect food. Indeed.

      Nature's perfect food naturally contains dangerous pathogens.
      Cow's milk is perfectly disgusting. Salmonella. E. coli.
      Listeria. Yersinia. Mycobacterium paratuberculosis. None of
      the above is completely destroyed by pasteurization. The
      milk is heated in the processing plant. Some bacterial
      spores survive. As the milk cools, the bacteria begins to
      grow again, doubling at room temperature every 20 minutes.
      Doubling every thirty hours in the refrigerator while under
      40 degrees Fahrenheit cold storage.

      Do you trust in God to protect you? Sixteen Kentucky nuns
      did. Do you trust in schools to protect kids? Thirty-eight
      New York children did. Do you have that much faith in your
      government regulators and dairy farmers to do the right
      thing? Millions of people who become ill each year place
      their faith in those who know the truth about milk.

      Enjoy a dairy-free National Dairy Month for June, 2009.

      Robert Cohen
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