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New World Order Conspiracy: Make Love, Not War?

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  • cohensmilk1
    New World Order Conspiracy: Make Love, Not War? When I was in college waaaaay back in the early 1970s, we popularized a saying which reflected the philosophy
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2009
      New World Order Conspiracy: Make Love, Not War?

      When I was in college waaaaay back in the early
      1970s, we popularized a saying which reflected
      the philosophy of our era:

      "Make Love, Not War"

      That phrase was invented by George Legman, a
      contemporary of counterculture poets such as
      Allen Ginsberg and Marshall McLuhan. John
      Lennon would often repeat the phrase in his
      1970s songs:


      On March 29, 2009, the Notmilk letter reported
      that USDA had purchased 200 million pounds of
      surplus non-fat milk powder from the dairy
      industry. I only knew half the story when

      "Nonfat milk powder is the waste product dairy
      producers are left with after stripping liquid
      milk of its fat which is used to produce butter
      and ice cream. There was a time when nonfat milk
      was used to feed hogs before slaughter to fatten
      them up. Protein growth hormones do that.
      In 2009, nonfat milk powder is stored in caves
      (U.S. taxpayers pay tens of millions of dollars
      in rental fees) and then is purchased by USDA
      and fed to starving people in third world nations."

      Last night, I learned the second half of this
      remarkable story.

      The milk powder was sent to nations in which people
      are starving. Nations in which there are wars and
      famine. Nations in which there is both overpopulation
      and ethnic cleansing. Nations in which man's cruelty
      to his fellow man is something most Americans turn a
      blind eye to.

      The second half of the story:

      Under the guise of reducing flatulence, intestinal
      discomfort, and other symptoms of lactose intolerance
      from milk-powder consumption by people of color living
      in African war-torn nations, a secret ingredient was
      added to the milk powder.

      The ingredient? Beano.

      Although Beano is processed from green aspergillus mold,
      it also contains fish byproducts from cod, flounder,
      and redfish. The aspergillis mold also produces an
      enzyme called alpha galactosidase which helps to break
      the bond holding together glucose and galactose in
      milk sugar.

      Google "alpha galactosidase" and you will find vitamin
      and supplement sites which market Beano and alpha
      galactosidase as substances which increase sexual libido.

      So...when starving people begin eating American-tainted
      milk powder and that urge to reproduce their own
      species strikes, credit America's dairy industry and
      USDA and American government officials who are attempting
      to create a new world order in which the new directive is:

      Make Love, Not War!

      Unfortunately, the last thing one wants to do is to
      increase the libidos of savage soldiers who have refined
      the art of rape and pillage.

      How could America get away with tainting the milk powder
      with chemicals that modify behavior? Another intentional
      crime against those living in poverty?

      There are many unanswered questions to this story.
      Who made this horrific decision? Who added the Beano
      to the milk powder before it was shiped? The action
      is criminal.

      Robert Cohen
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