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Obama Extends Executive Clemency

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  • cohensmilk1
    Obama Extends Executive Clemency The President of the United States is granted the power to pardon people who have been accused or convicted of crimes. That
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2009
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      Obama Extends Executive Clemency

      The President of the United States is granted the
      power to pardon people who have been accused or
      convicted of crimes. That power is given to the
      President in the United States Constitution,
      Article II, Section 2. The actual wording:

      "The President shall have power to grant reprieves
      and pardons for offenses against the United States,
      except in cases of impeachment."

      Traditionally, a president issues Executive Clemency
      pardons each Christmas of each year with the most
      well-publicized and controversial pardons taking
      place a few days before a President leaves office.

      That is why the news of last night's three pardons
      announced during Obama's weekly Wednesday evening
      radio address was so stunning.

      The executive pardons were made in the midst of
      Presidential challenges which include getting the
      economy on track, acting as Commander in Chief of
      America's war effort in Afghanistan and Iraq, and
      performing the hundreds of other tasks which Mr.
      Obama is tending to during his first 100 days in

      The first pardon did not come as a surprise to me.
      It was a long time coming, and represents an act of
      supreme justice. I've written about Leonard Peltier's
      unfair incarceration, and President Obama has
      repayed a political favor by acting upon a vow
      made to Hollywood mogul David Geffen early in his
      election campaign.

      I first wrote about Leonard Peltier on May 15, 2000:


      The second man granted Executive Clemency is Jonathan
      Pollard, an American who has been in prison for 20+ years.
      Pollard was an intelligence officer working for the Navy.
      He discovered that information vital to Israel's security
      regarding Iranian and Syrian biological, chemical, and
      nuclear capabilities was being withheld from Isrrael.
      Pollard shared that information with Israeli intelligence
      experts and has been in prison ever since. See:


      Make no mistake about it. Pollard's release is a political
      action and part of a Hilary Clinton brokered deal that is
      in the works in the Middle East regarding the establishment
      of a Palestinian Nation. Israel gets a favor, Israel makes
      a concession. That's just politics.

      The third Executive Pardon came as a complete surprise
      to me and many others. I believed that Bernie Madoff
      would remain in prison for the rest of his life. I cannot
      undersand why Mr. Obama freed a man who hurt so many.

      It was within Presidental power to do so, and I can
      understand his argument that Bernie Madoff no longer
      has the ability to hurt anybody else ever again.

      Still, our justice system exists to punish people
      who commit such crimes as a future deterrant against
      similar crimes from being committed. I feel that
      Obama made the first really bad decision of his
      Presidency by freeing Madoff.

      Furthermore, President Obama might even read today's
      notmilk column and realize that it is all complete
      nonsense based upon today's very silly very special
      date. So, for those of you who I fooled, I can only
      say, Gotcha. See you next year.

      For those of you who were not fooled by my first
      day of the fourth month joke, fogive me. I'll try
      harder in 2010.

      Robert Cohen
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