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  • Robert Cohen
    HOW TO CLONE A COW Win a prize by guessing closest to the winning auction bid! (Contest details at the end of this column) This week, tens of thousands of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2000

      Win a prize by guessing closest to the winning auction bid!
      (Contest details at the end of this column)

      This week, tens of thousands of dairy farmers and cheeseheads are
      expected to converge upon Madison Wisconsin for the World Dairy


      The highlight of this year's festival is an auction of a cloned cow
      to be sold this Friday, October 6th at 7PM.

      The cow has been cloned by the INFIGEN company. The next generation of
      dairy cows will put an end to biodiversity. Imagine a world in which
      everybody looked exactly the same. One day, every dairy cow in America
      will be exactly the same. Cow or machine? This is our destiny.

      Here is a chart explaining how to clone a cow:
      (Don't try this at home, kids)


      Some dairy farmers are excited by this technology.
      Some know that it spells the end of the family farm.

      Can a farmer with 40 cows compete with a factory farm containing 2000
      of these gigantic super producers? Holstein cows now must be milked
      three times per day because their udders grow to enormous proportions.

      These creatures have been bred to deliver 30 or more quarts of milk each
      day. One hundred years ago, the average cow milked only one quart per
      day. Today's milk contains increased levels of powerful growth
      hormones. Cows are modified creatures, designed to become bigger.
      Those who drink the hormones in their body fluids respond the same way.

      Slaughterhouse operators note that these cows are different. They can
      break pelvic bones with their hands. Anybody notice soaring osteoporosis
      rates? Cows mature earlier, and their milk contains more hormones.
      Anybody notice earlier sexual maturity? The milk contains more protein.
      Eighty percent of milk protein is casein, a tenacious glue. Anybody
      note the doubling of asthma rates these past ten years? Milk proteins
      have been linked to diabetes. Notice the diabetes epidemic? The new
      milk contains increased amounts of a hormone (IGF-I) linked to
      prostate, lung, and breast cancer. The new milk may very well contain a
      prion, linked to Alzheimer's and Mad Cow Disease. The new milk has more
      fat and cholesterol (got heart disease?). The new milk contains
      a morphine-like substance (caso-morphin) that has been linked to
      Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Today one out of five children takes
      ritalin after having been diagnosed with ADD.

      Cloned cows are good for dairy farms. They produce more milk.
      The first cloned cow is expected to generate upwards of $25,000.

      Let's have a contest. A free copy of the book MILK-The Deadly Poison
      plus the book on tape (retail value, $40) to the individual guessing
      closest to the actual auction price.

      My guess is that the auction sale price will exceed the pre-auction
      estimate. My guess is that Monsanto will make the symbolic winning bid
      of $100,000.

      "As the company continues to perfect its cloning process, the price will
      come down," said Jesus Martinez, Infigen's Director of Marketing.

      You might want to let Jesus know how you feel about the new


      Remember to submit your guesstimate of the winning bid
      for the cloned cow! Send that bid to:


      Robert Cohen
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