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Other Annapurnas

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    Other Annapurnas January 10, 2007 There are other Annapurnas in the lives of men. -Maurice Herzog, 1952 Eighty percent of the accidents and fatalities which
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      Other Annapurnas
      January 10, 2007

      "There are other Annapurnas in the lives of men."
      -Maurice Herzog, 1952

      Eighty percent of the accidents and fatalities which
      occur on Mount Everest take place after climbers reach
      the summit. In other words, after achieving his goal,
      a man sometimes lets down his guard and loses sight of
      his own personal finish line. In the case of the world's
      tallest mountain, a small percentage of climbers measure
      success by merely trekking from Katmandu to base camp,
      while others define any achievement short of standing
      atop the world as a failure. In the case of climbing any
      mountain, getting "there" and then safely returning so
      that other mountains can be scaled is the only true
      measure of a man's success.

      I have a fascination with mountain climbing books and
      have enjoyed reading many dozens of real-life accounts,
      particularly the many different perspectives from nearly
      every survivor of the ill-fated 1996 Everest

      Last evening, I finished the best of the genre, Annapurna,
      by Maurice Herzog, written in 1952. Rather than offer a full
      book review at this time, let me say that Annapurna contains
      one of the most powerful commentaries that I've ever read
      in literature, and some of the most vivid scenes. "Getting
      there" may be "half the fun," as people say, but coming down
      to earth after achieving a goal becomes more than a challenge.
      It is a blessing that often gives birth to a new commandment.

      While I am still faced with many personal challenges
      (recovering from one operation and facing two new ones),
      the experience of reading and finishing last night's book
      has helped me to recognize that I have additional
      mountains to climb.

      Robert Cohen
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