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Thank Goodness for Little Orange Things

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  • cohensmilk1
    Dear Friends, It s been a challenging few months for me, to say the least. I had a five hour spinal fusion back surgery on June 26th. The very next day, intent
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2006
      Dear Friends,

      It's been a challenging few months for me, to say the least.
      I had a five hour spinal fusion back surgery on June 26th.
      The very next day, intent upon setting a record (and making
      my own ridiculous courageous statement), I left the hospital
      (in great pain) and went home to begin my recovery. Normal
      hospital stay should have been three days.

      Last week, I learned (after a CAT scan) that the surgery
      did not work and that a second surgery would be required.
      I've been told that a large piece of cadaver bone will
      be necessary to repair the damage from my original injury.
      In the meantime, I've learned just how easy it is to become
      addicted to pain killing pills.

      At about the same time, my father took a serious fall and
      fractured two ribs. One complication led to another, and
      a few hospital screw-ups compounded his compound fracture,
      and I sat alone by my dad's bedside at 3:30 one recent morning
      and watched him die.

      This is the time of year that leaves fall from trees and
      the last bits of summer's crops (pumpkins, cabbage, brussels
      sprouts) ere harvested from my own garden. It is a time for
      the flowers to die and other plants to turn brown and wilt,
      littering the ground with an abundance of seeds. This is a
      cold and dark time of the year, and for me, the blacks and
      greys and browns of winter make for a depressing season.

      That is why any glimmer of color, of sunshine, of rainbow
      colors help to cure the darkness of late fall and early winter.

      On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I received a telephone call
      from one of my favorite ortganic farmers, Dave Fedor. Dave
      grows many varieties of oranges including Satsumas, Navels,
      and Kumquats in his small Florida grove. Each year, for the past
      five, I've purchased two or more boxes of the sweetest produce
      that beats anything found in my local supermarkets.

      This year, the oranges mean much more than just nourishment
      to me. They represent a cure for the darkness. They are a medicine
      for my body which seeks more than one traditional form of healing.

      I congratulated Dave on getting through the past few months
      without any hurricanes, and asked if he anticipated a more
      abundant crop. Unfortunately, I was told that two late
      February frosts destroyed many of his tree's delicate
      orange blossoms, so that this year's crop will be smaller
      than last, but should be sweeter. The fruit will not be
      ready to be shipped until around the tenth of December. It
      will be picked by Dave and his family the day before, at
      the height of sweetness, boxed, then shipped direct to me...
      to you...to your friends and loved ones.

      For those of you who got shut out last year, here is the chance
      to make up for it. Don't delay. Order today, as I just did.

      Call: 1-386-985-1654 or go online:


      Best wishes to you all!

      I count my blessings for each of my relationships with
      friends and loved ones, past, present, and future.
      I count my blessings for my father's life, for he knew
      what it was to live a full life.
      I count my blessings for the ability to enjoy the
      sights and sounds and tastes and smells that make
      life so magical.

      Robert Cohen
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