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Notmilkman Update

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  • Robert Cohen
    Notmilkman Update Dear Friends, I have NOT been checking my email. Should you wish to contact me, please do so with personal notes or letters (please NO
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2006
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      Notmilkman Update

      Dear Friends,

      I have NOT been checking my email. Should you wish
      to contact me, please do so with personal notes or
      letters (please NO flowers!)

      Robert Cohen
      841 Kinderkamack Road
      Oradell, NJ 07649

      On Monday (June 26th), I shared a chilly fluoresovescent
      room with about a dozen wonderful people who were dressed in
      green gowns and white masks. My back surgery lasted just a
      few minutes longer than the scheduled five hours. My surgeon
      informed me that professional baseball players and other
      such supermen might go home on Wednesday after spending
      two evenings away from home. It was predicted that I would
      go home on Thursday.

      Instead, I went home on Tuesday. As my doctor now says, "I reset
      the bar." The best part of the experience was holding a device which
      delivered a instant surge of morphine to my own bloodstream on
      Monday night. The worst part was being sent home without that
      same magnificent tool of technology.

      Some time before losing his life on the world's most elegant
      mountain, a climber named Mallory was asked by a reporter why
      he was obsessed with scaling Mount Everest. "Because it is there,"
      was his response.

      Today, I dressed myself with a brace after taking a long shower.
      With the use of mirrors, I changed the bandages covering what will
      soon be a 5 inch scar. Earlier, I had lain in my garden picking
      5 varieties of lettuce, radishes, tiny yellow and green zucchini,
      and garlic, mint, oregano, thyme, and dill which became the base
      for a lovely dressing. For dessert I feasted upon freshly picked
      cups of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

      After the shower, wearing a 30-pound cumbersome plastic body brace,
      I trekked up the hill using my cane for aid, taking the scenic route
      past Schirra drive which is a street named after one of my town's
      residents who had become an astronaut (Mercury 7).

      I have many more hills to climb, but will be coming back much
      and wiser.

      This past week, two of my daughters and I forged a pact. We would
      declare our personal philosophy by placing a tattoo in a private
      place upon our bodies. Each one word statement would reflect our
      feeling about our own spirit and our world, with a commentary
      about how we view ourselves and our relation to others. One child
      chose "H'yha" (to live) while another now wears "Emunah" which
      means "faith." My single black word upon flesh is "Moshiach,"
      because for me, every day in my recent past and continuing future
      has and will continue to be a rebirth. My continuing personal
      redemption will become a destiny in which one voice becomes a
      more powerful statement for the Notmilk, vegetarian, and animal
      rights movements.

      Robert Cohen
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