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  • Robert Cohen
    tHERE mUST bE aN eRROR Something does not add up. On one hand, the dairy industry is conducting a search for perfect student bodies. They write: ...studies
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2006
      tHERE mUST bE aN eRROR

      Something does not add up.

      On one hand, the dairy industry is conducting a
      search for "perfect" student bodies. They write:

      "...studies suggest that teens who get enough milk
      are more likely to weigh less and have less body
      fat than those who don't." See:


      On the other hand...

      Each year, Lancaster, Pennsylvania farmers honor
      their state's dairy princessess. These young ladies
      exemplify all that is wonderful abut the dairy
      industry. By their own admission, each girl drinks
      plenty of milk and eats more than her share of cheese.

      These are nice kids, and I would not want to write
      anything to make them feel bad about themselves, but
      in this case, I have an obligation to do so for the
      sake of their cardiovascular systems.

      Visit the website: http://www.lancasterfarming.com

      Midway down the LEFT column, there is a heading:

      County Dairy Princesses

      Click on that link and you'll see all thirty princesses
      posing in their gowns and tiaras. Do you see something
      terribly wrong with the photograph, as I immediately did?


      In the lower right part of the photo there is a hidden
      icon that allows you to enlarge the photo. Move your cursor
      a bit and you'll find it. Look at the flabby shoulders.
      Young girls should have petite arms. Most of these ladies
      do not. I do not manipulate the sad truth. A photo tells
      a thousand-word story.

      It would be inappropriate to promote the stereotype that
      female models should resemble strands of uncooked fettucini.
      Neither should they be clinically bulimic. However, their
      figures should more closely resemble hourglass timers than
      Big Ben. Many of these Penn Stater girls have arms, thighs,
      shoulders and torsos appropriate for Nittany Lion gridders.

      More than half of the beauties have transcended the "zaftig"
      category. These pretty young things are a bit overweight. I
      feel bad for these Pennsylvania teenagers. They have been
      deceived. They've been told that the consumption of dairy
      products aids in weight loss. For these princesses, the
      consumption of dairy has resulted in just the opposite.

      The photograph of this year's dairy princesses is an
      outrageously bad joke. Shame on the National Milk
      Processors for creating and marketing their big fat lie.

      Just for the heck of it...

      I did a google search for: "Miss Soybean Princess."

      Although I have heard the story of a princess sleeping
      atop ten mattresses piled upon one soybean, I've never
      before heard of a soybean princess. He is what I found:


      Perhaps it's just my love of soybeans, but the above
      photo, in my opinion, is all about what American youth
      should look like. The dairy industry version has got it
      all wrong.

      Robert Cohen
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