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Wednesday is D-Day at PETA

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  • Robert Cohen
    Wednesday is D-Day at PETA D is for dumb. D is for duplicity. D is for dastardly deeds. Imagine the real-life nightmare experienced by sanitation engineers
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2005
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      Wednesday is D-Day at PETA

      D is for dumb.
      D is for duplicity.
      D is for dastardly deeds.

      Imagine the real-life nightmare experienced by sanitation
      engineers (garbage men) who discovered dozens of dead
      animals in a shopping mall dumpster three weeks in a row
      (May 25, June 1, June 8, 2005). These traumatized
      individuals did the smart thing. They called the police
      department, and investigators staked out the dumpster
      on the fourth consecutive Wednesday (June 15, 2005).

      The result?

      Two PETA employees were arrested and charged with
      animal cruelty after police found a total of 31 dead
      dogs and cats in their possession.

      Where did the animals come from? PETA had adopted them
      from animal shelters. PETA had represented that these
      gentle creatures would be placed for adoption in loving
      homes. The story:


      So...PETA has been caught with their pants down, committing
      a most heinous act, and who did they really end up screwing?
      Themselves! PETA has now admitted that they routinely euthanize
      unwanted animals "compassionately" so as to do the animals
      and society a favor.

      Three of the dead animals were a very adoptable mother cat
      and her two kittens.

      PETA raises funds by deceiving good people into believing
      that they are helping unwanted animals. At his trial Adolf
      Eichmann argued that he was doing the world a similar favor
      by ridding Europe of unwanted Jews. Last year, PETA raised
      more than $17 million. Did you donate to PETA? If so, don't
      you now feel deceived?

      Wednesday is D-Day at PETA. D is for death.

      Ingrid Newkirk (PETA's founder and director) has
      written a new book called:

      "Making Kind Choices: Everyday Ways to Enhance Your
      Life Through Earth- and Animal-Friendly Living"

      Here are some of the reviews:

      "Gandhi said, 'You can judge a society by the way it treats
      its animals.' Ingrid Newkirk's book shows us practical ways
      to foster compassion toward animals. She is a true teacher."
      ~ Martin Sheen

      "Ingrid Newkirk's wonderful new book is about us - about
      how in a world so violent and cruel there is no way to
      pretend we're kind people unless we extend our kindness
      to those who are the most innocent and helpless."
      ~ Bill Maher, host of Real Time with Bill Maher

      "This powerful book offers easy ways to make your
      compassionate mark on the world."
      ~ Moby

      I have not yet read Ingrid's new book. I'll do so only
      after determining whether it's fantasy or non-fiction.
      Could this be hostory's worst example of "Do as I say,
      not as I do?"

      Please ask PETA to get back to their original goal of
      letting the world know how animals are abused. PETA
      now plays god by making life and death decisions.
      Killing animals was not in their original charter. To
      promote compassionate slaughter in any way, shape, or
      form, is to betray the animals. Please send your "Dear
      Ingrid" Email to:


      Robert Cohen
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