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It's Not Rocket Science

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  • Robert Cohen
    It s Not Rocket Science An article in today s (December 1, 2004) Omaha News Journal (and many other American newspapers) blames the latest evidence of national
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      It's Not Rocket Science

      An article in today's (December 1, 2004) Omaha News
      Journal (and many other American newspapers) blames
      the latest evidence of national milk contamination
      on rocket fuel.


      Tiny URL: <http://tinyurl.com/5dhkv>

      Federal agencies incorrectly place blame on something
      other than the real cause. They know the truth, and
      in a few moments, you'll know it too.

      When homeland security is concerned, the Federal
      Bureau of Investigation (FBI) should be sharing
      critical spy data with the Central Intelligence
      Agency (CIA). Total exchange of information should
      be a two way street. That concept is easy enough to
      understand, and is not rocket science.

      When homeland health is concerned, the Food and Drug
      Administration (FDA), the United States Department of
      Agriculture (USDA), and the Environmental Protection
      Agency (EPA) should also routinely exchange information.
      This concept also is not rocket science. Sadly, rarely
      if ever does one health agency consult another, and
      the health of American consumers is compromised as
      a result.

      Government agencies (EPA, FDA, USDA) have independently
      found unsafe levels of perchlorate in America's drinking
      water. In order to deceive American consumers, these
      agencies of health refer to perchlorate as "rocket fuel."
      The perchlorate which contaminates our food and drink is
      not rocket fuel, and the truth to this fraud is truly
      not rocket science.

      The EPA recently proposed a safe "Reference Dose" for
      perchlorate in drinking water as one part per billion.

      At the same time, the FDA has been testing America's milk
      samples, and determined that unsafe amounts of perchlorate
      were present in virtually all of the samples tested.

      If health agencies shared information, the dairy industry
      would cease to exist. By law, they would have to be closed
      down for violating EPA's safe standards. Drinking milk is
      clearly harmful to one's health for thousands of reasons.
      Add perchlorate to the growing mound of anti-dairy evidence.

      If you live in the state of Maryland, you will not
      be pleased to learn that whole organic milk produced
      and sold in your state was tested and contained over
      11 times the safe level of perchlorate. Kansas milk
      tested at over 10 parts per billion, while Georgia
      milk tested at more than 9 parts per billion. Texas,
      Pennsylvania, and Washington milk all were found to
      contain in excess of 7 parts per billion.

      Fertilizer contains perchlorate. Fertilizer is used to
      treat crops. Fertilizer is used to grow feed for cattle.
      Perchlorate is used to manufacture rocket fuel, but
      that is not what pollutes America's streams. Dangerous
      fertilizers are applied to fields. Cows eat the feed and
      these fertilizers become concentrated in their bodies.
      Cows urinate and defecate and their perchlorate-rich wastes
      enter our streams and pollute our drinking water. Cows
      drink the same drinking water.

      This is America. Rockets once glared red, and bombs
      burst into the air, and the environment suffered the
      ill effects of perchlorate. The practice of exploding
      bombs over Baltimore harbor rarely happens these days.
      So, when it comes to rocket fuel in food, don't believe
      government lies. They offer to you a degree in rocket
      science, but their advice is one big dud.

      Robert Cohen
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