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NEW SoyToy Contest - Win Free Soy

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  • Robert Cohen
    PAST CONTESTS _______________________________________________________ We have given away three SoyToy soymilk making machines in previous contests. In today s
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2003
      We have given away three SoyToy soymilk making machines
      in previous contests. In today's contest, we'll be giving
      away twenty pounds of recently harvested organic Vinton
      soy beans.

      In 200 words or less, explain all that you find wrong
      with the following letter which appeared on page 670
      in Hoard's Dairyman (10/25/03).

      Be witty. Be clever. Be funny. Be perceptive.
      Be blessed with Good luck!
      The Letter-written by Ingo Krieg, Florida

      "An Associate Press article sentencing Joseph and Silvia
      Swinton of New York five and six years in jail,
      respectively, for starving their 16-month-old child on a
      vegan diet, should be a wake-up call to teachers preaching
      veggie nutrition to young school children.

      The importance of a well-balanced diet in this shocking case
      of neglect was brought out by the baby having rickets, no teeth,
      and not being able to walk, sit, or roll over at 16 months of age.
      The baby, too weak to cry, was fed ground nuts, fresh squeezed
      juices, nuts and flax seed, and cod liver oil. Dairy products
      that contain the most readily absorbed calcium were not fed by
      the parents, both 32 years old. The child may never recover
      from these early developmental problems.

      Similarly, when I think of underdeveloped cpintries deficient in
      dairy foods, I think of Iraq and Afghanistan and countries in
      Africa. I am also reminded of the way many of the people in
      those countries rationalize and behave. The old saying, "You are
      what you eat," also holds true in these dairy-deprived countries,
      and it has affected many of their minds.

      Consumers are being led to believe that soy milk is organic
      and can take the place of real milk. In reality, soy milk is
      similar to margarine and takes as many or more pesticides,
      herbicides, and chemical fertilizers to grow the perfect soybean
      plants as it does to maintain the perfect lawn or golf course.

      I have personally tried the biological insect control method
      and have failed miserably every time. Common sense tells me that
      night crawing bugs are not controlled by farm help armed with
      flashlights, fly swatters, and butterfly nets. Using other
      insects to control the pest insect is an idealogical idea.
      Insects can only survive and lay their eggs on friendly matter
      that is also "organic."

      Some well-intentioned consumers may follow the trend of organic
      soybean milk, but the nutrition for a healthy body will never
      match the goodness of real milk and real cheese. Baby Swinton
      was an extreme case and example, buthow many other children
      get inadequate nutrition because of unnatural food fads
      designed for increased sales and corporate profits?"

      Send your contest entry to:


      Contests ends at midnight, November 7, 2003
      The best entries will appear in a future column.

      Robert Cohen
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