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-- ICE-T's Crime Against Ghetto Youth --

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  • notmilk2002
    ICE-T s Crime Against Ghetto Youth Controversy dogs his every step. He once wrote a song called Cop Killer that provoked the anger of police throughout
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2002
      ICE-T's Crime Against Ghetto Youth

      Controversy dogs his every step.

      He once wrote a song called "Cop Killer"
      that provoked the anger of police throughout
      America. His song even inspired one fan to
      murder a police officer.

      He was the original "gangsta" rapper, and his
      on-the-street specialty was once jewelry heists.

      He now stars in television's Law & Order
      SVU, but Ice-T is in the process of
      perpetrating his biggest crime.

      Ice-T is the national spokesman for "Posse Pops,"
      a brand of ice cream that targets inner city kids.
      One vanilla ice cream pop called "Wilk Thang" promotes
      safe sex, while "Blowin' Up" promotes an anti-drug
      message. Ice-T's comment:

      "I'm known as such a hard person - there's nothing
      softer than ice cream!"


      Ninety-five percent of African-Americans cannot tolerate
      lactose. Pizza and ice cream taste delicious on the way
      into their bodies. Lactose is a sugar, and most people
      need the enzyme lactase to break down lactose into
      glucose and galactose. Intact, this sugar is broken
      down in the intestines by bacteria, and the results are
      gas, bloating, and intestinal distress.

      Casein represents eighty percent of the protein in
      Ice-T's ice cream. This tenacious glue causes histamine
      production, the body's natural defense against an
      invading antigen. Human antibodies result in mucus, and
      plenty of it. Inner-city school systems like Boston, New
      York, Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles have very large
      populations of African-American students. In New York City,
      38 percent of homeless children and 23 percent of kids
      in the Bronx schools have asthma. Got ice cream? These kids
      do, thanks to Ice-T.

      Milk contains powerful hormones. Rates of sexual maturity
      in children are astounding endocrinologists and behavioral
      psychologists. A recent study revealed that eighty percent
      of nine-year-old African-American girls had breast development.

      Children are becoming overweight at an early age. By eating
      growth hormones in combination with animal fat, the body has
      a way of listening to the signals of those chemical messengers:

      One out of five children has attention deficit disorder (ADD).
      A recent study in the Journal of Autism linked ADD with a milk
      protein, casomorphin. Milk and dairy products take away a
      child's ability to learn. Ice-T's endorsement of ice cream
      is criminal.

      Robert Cohen
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