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4844Self-Delusional Animal Rights Activists

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  • cohensmilk1
    Dec 5, 2013

      "We need a day of the dead. That's a perfect celebration."
      - Kristin Hersh

      *    *    *

      Seventy years ago on this date (December 5, 1943),
      2,739 Jews were herded into trucks and driven to
      train stations. They were then pushed into cars
      normally used to transport cattle to slaughterhouses
      and sent to one of many of Germany or Poland's
      concentration camps.

      Between 1939 and 1945, on 2,200 days, more than six
      million Jews suffered similar fates. Each individual
      life was precious, and every man, woman, and child
      suffered a series of painful indignities before death.

      Today, December 5, 2013, more than 27 million American
      farm animals will suffer in much the same way that each
      human victim suffered during the Holocaust. Factory farm
      life in no way resembles the tranquil lie depicted on
      milk cartons. Chickens and pigs, turkeys and cows,
      lambs and ducklings all live the greatest part of
      their lives on farms and die horribly violent deaths
      resulting from finely honed stainless steel blades.

      Upon leaving the farm, separation from the only life
      they know becomes trauma. Transportation to the death
      factory provides more than just a few moments of fear.
      The violent head slams stun gentle creatures for just
      a moment. Many wake up to feel the executioner's knife
      slicing through muscles, veins, and neck arteries.

      Animals scream and cry. I have heard a pig's protests.
      I have felt the chilling effects from their collective
      ear-shattering agonized dying statements. They cry
      because they hurt. They cry because they are scared.
      They cry one last cry with a final breath which often
      ends with the gurgling sound of a creature drowning on
      his or her own blood.

      I once witnessed the People for the Ethical Treatment
      of Animals (PETA) claim a major victory. At the same
      time, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
      Took credit for that same victory, as did Farm Sanctuary.
      Each group had spent millions of donor dollars to lobby
      members of congress and fast food restaurants to make
      it easier for animals to die. The cumulative efforts of
      these three animal rights organizations resulted in a fast
      food chain's dramatic announcement. Burger King issued
      a press release revealing that they would require their
      suppliers to compassionately raise and slaughter
      animals for human consumption.

      While others danced, I carefully read the Burger King
      press release. Animal rights activists claimed victory
      for those animals that continue to die.

      The chickens would be allowed to live their
      entire lives in a larger crate than had been
      traditionally used. Frank Perdue's chickens are
      routinely stuffed into crates that allow an average
      of 47 square inches of floor space per bird.
      Federal guidelines recommend 75 square inches
      per bird as a more compassionate home. Burger
      King announced that they would recommend
      four percent more space, or 78 square inches.

      I was attending an animal rights convention
      When I read that press release. I went to the
      hotel's front desk and borrowed a scissors and
      ruler. I cut two pieces from different colored
      construction paper. One piece was 8 2/3 inches
      square. The second was 8 7/8 inches square.
      When one overlapped the other, a thin border
      represented Burger King's not-so compassionate
      statement for chickens.

      When you do the same, you will feel a sense of
      sadness. An entire life will be spent standing on
      wire. That bird's space will occupy an area equal
      to the size of a computer mouse pad. I would not
      wish that upon a pigeon or a parakeet. Even a
      canary deserves more space to live her life
      than the confinement offered by chicken
      producers for their birds.

      Eat the bird, share the guilt. A life of torturous
      discomfort is interrupted only by the welcome
      sting of death.

      Animal rights activists cheered when speakers
      congratulated those people who supported the
      ethical treatment of animals. What victory is
      there in self delusion?

      *    *    *

      "It is amazing how complete is the delusion
      that beauty is goodness."
      - Leo Tolstoy 

      Robert Cohen