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4843Going Vegan

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  • cohensmilk1
    Dec 3, 2013

      "Mainly I'm a vegan because I like animals, and I
      don't want to be involved in their suffering. Also,
      it's better for my health and for the environment...
      Being a vegan is pretty easy these days, as almost
      every town and city has health food stores and
      vegetarian-friendly restaurants."
       - Moby 
      *     *     *

      Bill Clinton went vegan.
      Then Al Gore did.
      Mike Tyson is now a vegan.
      The next American President is rumored to
      secretly be enjoying a plant-based diet
      by enjoying her daily Hill of beans.

      Early this morning (December 4, 2013)
      news of Jay Z and Beyonce's three-week
      vegan "experiment" became a story that
      is certain to influence millions!

      *     *     *

      "Today, I marvel at the vegan foods in the supermarket,
      at the cruelty-free clothing choices in stores, and at
      the fantastic alternatives to dissection in schools,
      the modern ways to test medicines without killing
      rabbits and beagles, the many forms of entertainment
      involving purely human performers."
       - Ingrid Newkirk

      *     *     *

      Robert Cohen