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4840Notmilkman's Unique Healhcare Crisis Solution

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  • cohensmilk1
    Dec 1, 2013

      "There was some good news today for embattled
      Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen
      Sebelius. Obamacare will cover all her injuries
      after the White House throws her under the bus.
      She is totally covered."
      – Jay Leno

      *    *    *    *    *

      The current healthcare system stinks! Yesterday, 

      November 30th, was the day our federal government
      set as the deadline to fix broken websites to a system

      which cannot possibly work, and which potentially can

      bankrupt America once and for all. How will consumers

      know that the online mess is fixed? We receive a sign

      from the great power above us all. A power greater

      than America itself. The power? Insurance companies.

      When online access is available, Insurance companies

      will scurry to inform and scam the uninsured that

      they have an affordable plan which will only cost us

      double what we previously had been paying for

      health insurance. The sign will be their clever ads.


      Are things hopeless? Not at all. We need to do

      two things. First, throw out the old cow with the

      dishwater so that people can regain their health.

      Second, grab this healthcare bull by the horns

      and attack the problem with creative thought

      which will last for many hundreds of years.

      We can no longer afford to live in the past or the

      present. We must accelerate into the future.


      In order to revamp the old system and
      create a new one which works, we need
      time and imagination. Time = 1-2
      generations (18-36 years). During that
      time, existing physicians will retire
      and old standard operating procedures
      will be replaced by new behaviors.

      The current health care proposals in
      the House and Senate are disasters
      waiting to happen. Not only do they
      not adequately address health treatment,
      but they are designed to bankrupt

      I have a health plan which works.
      Here are some of the key points.

      1) Do not touch the present system. Let
      it exist as it has always existed. Let
      it continue with no amended rules or

      2) Make total 100 percent health care
      available to all people living in America.
      That includes citizens, visitors, and
      legal and illegal aliens.

      3) Induce every American citizen to
      not avail themselves of health care by
      offering each taxpayer over the age of
      21 a $1,000 credit on their income taxes
      for each fiscal year that no health care
      is required.

      3) Create a new army in America. An army
      of health care providers.

      4) Set rigorous admission tests for those
      students entering the government-subsidized
      health care system so that America's
      brightest young men and women see opportunity
      by gaining jobs in government service, just
      as many people make the military their

      5) Create additional jobs by teaching
      construction skills to hundreds of thousands
      of supporting workers. These men and women
      will build the medical schools and health
      clinics and retirement homes to serve those
      people requiring health care.

      6) There will be a continuing debate as to
      the quality of care given by traditional
      physicians who have gained their degrees
      by attending traditional medical schools.
      It will become the option of any American
      to continue using the existing system or
      the newly created system created by the
      health care army. It might be more convenient
      for individuals to avail themselves of
      already existing conditions. That is their
      option. By doing so, they will avoid long
      delays while free treatment is given to

      7) Each man and woman successfully completing
      the training will be paid a yet-to-be
      determined salary, just as various levels
      of enlisted soldiers and officers are paid
      salaries while serving in the armed forces.
      Tuition will be free, but upon graduation,
      one must "serve" for a minimum of five years.
      If that service is not made, the entire
      education cost is due.

      8) The new health army will create millions
      of jobs, through new medical professionals
      and other related services.

      Those are just the basics.

      *    *    *    *    *

      "People don't trust private health insurance
      companies for all the right reasons."
      - Bernie Sanders

      *    *    *    *    *

      Robert Cohen