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2[notmilk] On the "cutting edge" of bio-devastation!

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  • Dave Rietz (DORway.com)
    Feb 14, 2000
      Daily Hungerstrike Diary Entry:

      Monday, February 14

      Today is the 100th day of my hunger strike. It's Valentine's Day, but
      we might look back on the news in this column as the Valentine's Day

      The Worst Nightmare has begun - Day 1

      Monsanto said that it could not happen.
      The Food and Drug Administration said that it could not happen.
      Nobel Prize-winning scientists said that it could not happen.

      What happened?

      IT happened.

      On Thursday, February 10, 2000, the first news story was published in
      Alberta, Canada. Pollens to the wind, seeds to the fields, nightmares
      for the scientists who have brought us to the edge of bio-devastation.

      Genetic engineering has allowed Monsanto to create grains and vegetables
      resistant to their ROUNDUP pesticide. Entire fields have been sprayed
      and, in theory, everything was supposed to have died except for the corn
      or the soybean or the canola plants. Canola plants produce canola oil,
      but the original name for canola is rapeseed. The world has been raped
      by criminals wearing white lab coats. The insignia on those coats
      reads: "Monsanto."

      Phase one of a Stephen King-like nightmare is what's happening in the
      fields of Northern Canada. Unfortunately, the best laid plans of rats
      and men often go astray.

      Weeds now grow in those fields, and those weeds have developed an
      immunity to ROUNDUP. Will those weeds be controlled, or are they
      destined to spread and overwhelm Canada's 200,000 square mile area of
      arable grain and oilseed-producing farmland?


      Canadian agriculture canola specialist Phil Thomas said,

      "We knew it was going to happen. It was only a matter of when."

      DNA testing has confirmed that the weeds are resistant to Monsanto's
      ROUNDUP. Is this the last roundup for agriculture? Is this a wake-up
      call for America's FDA who maintains the position that such an event is
      not possible?

      Scientist Keith Downey, who created the biologically modified canola
      plants, said:

      "I don't think it means anything to consumers."

      Tolerance of the weeds to ROUNDUP has been blamed on the wind and the
      bees. The question we ask today is why did the world let this happen?
      Bob Dylan might have sung, "The answer, my friend, is blowing in the

      Robert Cohen