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  • Hi Daniel, On 20 Dec 14 13:13 "'John Shotsky' jshotsky@^$1 [notetab]" said: > > when I want to search for a term which is in the regular Windows > > clipboard I type Ctrl-F then Ctril V. However the program takes so > > long to initiate the search box that the pasted text goes onto the > > page instead of into the box. > Might be your computer. I have a 4 year old computer and it...
    Greg Chapman Dec 20, 2014
  • Hi, On 07 Oct 13 02:01 "Sean" said: > DISCLAIMER: This may be contrary to your user license in which case > the EULA prevails over any of my feedback. > > > > Actually if you copy the setup program to another computer it will > install there too. As I said above, if this goes against any > licensing agreements, that’s another matter. It’s possible that > you will be obligated to...
    Greg Chapman Oct 7, 2013
  • On 06 Oct 13 21:52 "Dave.Mainwaring" said: > What say you ? I'd say you can't tell your pads from your tabs. There's only one TAB in that lot! Greg
    Greg Chapman Oct 6, 2013
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  • Hi, On 03 Oct 13 13:44 said: > Trying for the third time to make a post... As a new user your posts are moderated. They are manually inspected before you are authorised to have your posts forwarded to other subscribers. Greg
    Greg Chapman Oct 3, 2013
  • Hi Art, On 08 Aug 13 21:49 Art Kocsis said: > The simplest way is to just save it with a different name after your > edit, close Notetab and copy the saved file to the active Notetab > ini file name. Do this from a fresh start on Notetab and the only > thing you lose is the ini edit session. There's a still simpler method that you've forgotten about... From: Help > Tips and how to...
    Greg Chapman Aug 8, 2013
  • Hi Alev, On 15 Jun 13 07:23 "alev.yadigar" said: > when is the new update expected? What version are you using currently? What new update offering what particular enhancement? Greg
    Greg Chapman Jun 15, 2013
  • Hi Alev, On 04 Aug 12 09:17 "alev.yadigar" said: > Font color ? > Hyper Link Creation button menu: "Target" To open in another > window? > > And perhaps many more I used to use > > Anyone knows if they are really missing or placed under another > function? > > Or just forgotten and will be added witha minor update later on? I haven't installed NoteTab 7 yet so haven't checked on...
    Greg Chapman Aug 5, 2012
  • Hi Bruce, On 03 Aug 12 16:52 bruce.somers@^$1 said: > > Someone recommended tinySpell. I have tinySpell loaded, but it > doesn't show up in NoteTab. Is there a trick? TinySpell won't show up in NoteTab. It works in a very different way to most spell checkers. It captures keystrokes made anywhere in the Windows environment rather than checking the text entered in a particular window...
    Greg Chapman Aug 3, 2012
  • Hi Ozzie, On 19 Jul 12 04:06 "ozzie157" said: > However in the Pro version I have a very limited selection of fonts. > I like to use the ARIAL font but it is not available for selection > in the Pro version. > > Any chance of an upgrade to make all fonts in the Windows Fonts > folder available please? No! See: HELP > NOTETAB VERSIONS > COMPARISON CHART Only fixed width fonts are...
    Greg Chapman Jul 19, 2012
  • Hi Art, On 25 Apr 12 01:40 Art Kocsis said: > that begs the question: why use different controls Well, that one's easy... Because NoteTab is not a single product. Standard and Pro are aimed at different audiences that require different facilities. Accordingly, they use input controls appropriate for the tasks that the different audiences need. In the same way that other text...
    Greg Chapman Apr 25, 2012