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Find and Replace, using RegEx, Part 2

Every part of html should start and end with angle brackets. Anything that has a crlf without one is a misplaced one. So you would replace every CR that
John Shotsky
Apr 22

Clipbook Libraries and Dropbox?

... Yes, that option is only for documents. To redirect the libraries folder gets a bit more tricky. To my knowledge there is no way at present to redirect
Art Kocsis
Apr 10

Find and Replace regular expressions

... Now that I see the example, I can understand how it works. There is still a lot yet to learn. Here is the example from the textmate page for regular
Apr 9

Help Files and Clip Libraries are Missing

How bout going to v7? Or reinstall your ver? On Sat, Mar 7, 2015 at 7:23 PM, Ray Shapp rayshapp@gmail.com [notetab] < ... same ... the ... When ... text
Al Guevara
Mar 8
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