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NoteTab Pro 4.84 beta #1 now available

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  • Eric G.V. Fookes
    Hi everyone, I hope you ve all had a wonderful holiday. I ve started doing a bit of work on the next maintenance release of NoteTab 4.84. I don t plan to add
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2001
      Hi everyone,

      I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday. I've started doing a bit of work
      on the next maintenance release of NoteTab 4.84. I don't plan to add
      significant features to it because I need to spare my time for version 5.0.
      However, I will do my best to fix any bugs that I can reproduce.

      You can download NoteTab Pro 4.84 beta #1 from the following page:


      The latest changes are listed below...

      Main changes in beta #1
      * NoteTab can now be started even if it does not find the efomacro.dll
      file. If NoteTab does not find it, Clips using the ^!Keyboard and
      ^!TypeBack command will not work.

      * Fixed print range setting being ignored when multiple pages are printed.

      * Numbers containing a comma (e.g. 1,000,000) are no longer split in word
      wrapped printed output.

      * Fixed problem in regular expressions using tagged matches higher than
      "\1" in a replace operation, which did not work.

      * Fixed ^!MoveFile command "losing" files when the destination folder does
      not exist.

      * Fixed last character of parameter being truncated by ^!Shell command.

      * Relative file names (like "../index.html" and "..\units\foo.pas") now
      supported by the "Tools|Open File at Cursor" and Tools|Open Link" menu

      * The ^$GetDocIndex(Name)$ now returns the index number of the specified
      document, as indicated in the Help file.

      Eric G.V. Fookes
      Author of NoteTab, Mailbag Assistant, and Album Express
      http://www.fookes.com/ and http://www.notetab.com/

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