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  • Lotta
    Hi David, As Stephen I don t use Cute. But it can t be that different. I m almost certain that Cute lets you chose your preferred editor. So it shouldn t be
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2000
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      Hi David,

      As Stephen I don't use Cute. But it can't be that different. I'm almost
      certain that Cute lets you chose your preferred editor. So it shouldn't be
      necessary to use the browser and View|source. Look under Options or
      similar. Then everything should work as you are used to.

      But I'm a little confused about if you are trying to edit a file on the
      server and don't have access to a local copy or not. If you have a copy on
      your disk it's must faster and easier to just open it in Notetab, edit it
      and save. Then open Cute, find the file(s) and upload. I'm sorry if I
      misunderstand your problem or am telling you the obvious. You said you were
      a newbie, so I'm playing it safe and assume that you are new to everything :).

      >BTW I thought this was a BASIC message board.......guess it sounds so
      >advanced to me because its not a NEWBIE board.

      It's everything! I think Jody started this as one single list. This one,
      NTB, is for everything to do with Notetab not related to clips, basic or
      not. If you are interested in clip writing there is a special list for
      that. It looks to me like you might want to sign up for the HTML list were
      everything related to HTML and web sites can be discussed (I'm fishing
      here). Here's the sign up link mailto:Ntb-html-Subscribe@...

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