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RE: [NTB] Files closing by themselves

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  • Jody
    Hi Grant and Others, ... If it has one of those keys to bring up content menus like a win98 keyboard, then that could be it if C is pressed afterwards
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 7, 2000
      Hi Grant and Others,

      >This sometimes happens here also. Win2k logitech keyboard ,

      If it has one of those keys to bring up content menus like a
      win98 keyboard, then that could be it if "C" is pressed
      afterwards because of the way you have you content menu setup.
      Perhaps you are hitting it without realizing it. Try changing
      the order and put something else on top for awhile. That would
      not change the "C", but you might figure something out.

      I have never had it happen to me in four years of using NoteTab
      constantly on a daily basis.

      Your case Grant seems to be rare. The reports I have had are
      from a few users all having Compaq equipment and they can
      reproduce it quite regularly and with the arrow keys. After a
      lot of eMail with one fellow I finally convinced him to change
      out his Compaq keyboard. The problem cleared, so he replaced the
      other three Compaq keyboards att the office and it cleared up on
      those machines as well. It also cleared the problem with two the
      Compaq keyboards.

      There is one case of Compaq computer users that changed out their
      keyboard, but the problem has not cleared.

      I think we had a case a long time ago when there was a utility
      conflicting with NoteTab, but I am not sure of that.

      >I'm not sure but I do think it's some kind of keyboard thing. It
      >usually happens around a ctl copy ctrl paste operation I think. I
      >checked this morning and the right-click menu for a document
      >opened in Notetab contains a menu with the top list option being
      >'close document' with a shortcut key 'C' .. so maybe I'm
      >activating this by some kind of keyboard combination.

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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