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Re: [NTB] HTML to text (tables)

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  • Jody
    Hi Margaret, ... In short, it is a tool to make HTML tables found in the HTML Library. Press F4 and the window that closes or opens (depending on the state it
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 27, 2000
      Hi Margaret,

      >What is a "table wizard" ???

      In short, it is a tool to make HTML tables found in the HTML
      Library. Press F4 and the window that closes or opens (depending
      on the state it is in) is the Clipbook. It is like a wrapper for
      the Libraries. Press the HTML button at the bottom of the screen
      on the Libraries Bar to make the HTML Library active in the
      Clipbook. Clips are all the items listed in it. Read Clip
      Basics to see how to make some basic Clips.

      >All I do is open an HTML file and click on the chain link on the

      OK, I understand you now. You are using the "Strip HTML" tool
      and tabs are not preserved. That is true. I forget exactly when
      it was changed or a bug entered in (I think the first is
      correct), but if you will go to http://www.fookes.com and look
      under other software for the 32bit MiniNoteTab (Freeware) it
      should preserve the tabs for you. I tested in v2.63e which
      should be the same as what is online now. I did notice there was
      a tab and then a space, but that would be easy enough to take
      care of with a S&R. It will only handle 41kb files though. You
      are correct that v3.x of Pro also preserved the tabs.

      >>The NoteTab Clips List: ntb-Clips-Subscribe@...
      >It seems logical that I ought to be able to set some "preference"
      >to treat tables that way.

      I suppose so, even Eric thought so at one time it appears. <g>
      NoteTab does try to create the text file according to the HTML
      though and not the hidden characters which are indeed stripped.

      >If Clips is the right place, what do I ask them?

      If the HTML files are basically all the same, a Clip could be
      built to get the <TD> fields for you and make the delimited file.
      I don't have the time for it myself and my head is foggy due to
      sickness, but you might get a taker for it. You would need to
      post the an example of the <TD> fields, just a few of them or one
      record. Perhaps my terminology is not correct. Post enough so
      they can make one line with tabs separating the fields and give
      an example output that you are looking for. It should not be to
      hard to write at all.

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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