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Re: Clipbar Questions + 1 new non-clipbar question

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  • Stephanie
    ... Hi Jody, Sorry for this way late reply...I played around with wrap and unwrap in the toolbar and couldn t get what I wanted (2 full rows of clips) so I
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      --- In notetab@egroups.com, Jody <KJB1611@a...> wrote:
      > Hi Schau,
      > > I have a whole set of clips I want to use on 1 clipbar. When I
      > > fill 1 whole row of clips and try to add more, the clipbar
      > > drops to the next line, but takes half the clips on the first
      > > line with it. So on my first row of clips, the whole right
      > > half of the clipbar is empty.
      > >
      > > Can someone tell me how I can get at least 2 full rows of clips
      > > on 1 clipbar?
      > You can get as many as you want on one Clipbar and the same with
      > the Toolbar (up to 94 ?). The Clipbar uses the properties of the
      > Toolbar. It you right click over the Toolbar and click on
      > Properties then uncheck "Wrap Toolbar" your Clipbar will go to
      > one row or one Clipbar. It is really one Clipbar anyway, but just
      > wrapped just like a single line of text wrapped. The problem is
      > the Toolbar/Clipbar is a Windows thing. When you go to the
      > unwrapped state you will not be able to get to (scroll) the
      > hidden ones out to the right like say the buttons on the
      > Libraries bar.
      > With wrap on the bottom row continues to get filled and then when
      > at the end a number of them dropped "disappear" for awhile until
      > a third row gets started. Some more are then added to the top and
      > third row. additional Clips dropped go to the middle row. That
      > is as far as I took it. I did not save and restart when they
      > started disappearing, but I imagine they would show up on a
      > restart.
      > To work around this just make new Clipbars only going out to the
      > end. I have 4 Clips on the end of mine to switch with a click to
      > the other commonly used ones. Look at the program's HTML-1 -2
      > Clipbars to see how it is done.
      > Happy NoteTab'n,
      > Jody Adair
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      Hi Jody,
      Sorry for this way late reply...I played around with wrap and unwrap
      in the toolbar and couldn't get what I wanted (2 full rows of clips)
      so I decided to keep things the way they are and just keep switching
      libraries. Thanks anyway.

      One other question - I recently started to learn Perl programming and
      want to use NoteTab as my editor (of course!)...here's my extremely
      newbie question: How the heck do I run a script from notetab?? I
      have activestate perlwin32 installed but am not quite sure how
      everything works together.

      Thanks for any assistance you can give a confused, non-programmer.

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