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Re: [NTB] Dictionary upgrades?

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  • Sleepless in Seattle
    I just came across this old message in my Unsent Messages folder, so I m sending it on now, even though the tread is long gone. ... I don t think discussion
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 28, 2000
      I just came across this old message in my "Unsent Messages"
      folder, so I'm sending it on now, even though the tread is long

      rellieb-steve wrote:

      > Not sure it is good form to mention other programs - but without
      > getting into an OT rave, here quickly is one that works well with NTP
      > et al., and is one that I thoroughly recommend.
      > http://www.microspell.com
      > A quite novel approach to spellchecking in my experience. Love at
      > first sight here anyway, and enduring appeal. Very visual.

      I don't think discussion of spell chekcers is off topic, (though
      I say that cowering in anticipation of the lash of Jody's wet
      noodle :), because I think we will all agree that by far the
      weakest component of NoteTab is its spell checker.

      So if we can help point each other toward replacement spell
      checkers that contain real-world dictionaries, then how can that
      be OT?

      Anyway, I'm wondering if any of you have tried the Merriam
      Webster spell checker that they tout at their online
      dictionary/thesaurus web site:


      I'm tempted to give it a try, but as always, I'm interested to
      hear what others have to say. Here's what they say in their ad:

      Merriam-Webster's Spell Checker

      Accurate, effective spell checking is just a click away with
      Merriam-Webster’s Spell Checker

      This powerful program, featuring over 300,000 words from
      Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary, is an indispensable
      tool for producing clean, impressive documents every time.

      Powerful and Comprehensive Delivers more than 300,000 words and
      phrases including proper names, geographic locations, and medical
      terms. Up-to-Date Covers the latest words including netiquette,
      spammer, face time, echinacea, fusion cuisine, feng shui, and
      velociraptor. Easy-to-use Installs quickly and works seamlessly
      with most text-processing programs inclusing Microsoft® Word and
      Lotus SmartSuite® WIN/MAC on one CD-ROM

      **NOTE** They should have used their spell checker on the copy of
      their ad. Or is there really such a word as "inclusing?"


      Boxed version

      Format: CD-ROM Order #: 467 ISBN: 0-87779-467-7 Price: $12.95
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