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Re: [NTB] Bugs, questions and suggestions!

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  • Jody
    Hi Martin, ... You can use bugs@NoteTab.com to report suspected bugs and Feedback@NoteTab.com for suggestions. http://www.notetab.com/contact.htm
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 20, 2000
      Hi Martin,

      > I have been using it a lot, so here's a list of bugs, questions
      > and suggestions for new features.

      You can use bugs@... to report suspected bugs and
      Feedback@... for suggestions.


      > If you (by chance or accidentially) strip tags from a HTML
      > document and then undo, the document will have a wrong
      > extension (txt instead of htm).

      That is a feature. NoteTab makes a new file and then strips the
      HTML from it. You can delete the .txt file and reopen the HTML
      from File | Reopen...

      > You can't select an item from a combo with Enter. Example: In
      > the clipbook list, try press Ctrl-DownArrow to open the list,
      > select an item and press Enter. Nothing happens.

      Ctrl+Downarrow only moves to the next item in the menu for me in
      v4.82 Pro and enter then works. Actually, just plain downarrow
      does the same as Crtl+downarrow for me. I can't really call that
      a bug though especially since it is the same behavior in other
      apps. If I use the pulldown arrow and then enter on an item it
      does not, but I would not consider that a bug either. Perhaps
      just not programmed to act that way which makes it a feature
      request. ;)

      You can double click on a collapsed item to execute it in Clip
      wizards. You can use look ahead typing as well. Try the In-
      Context Clipbook out too (ESC).

      > The Find dialog stays on stop on other applications.

      That is a feature as well. You can get behind it to work or
      minimize it and use F3 or Shift+F3 to continue the search with it

      > Sometimes NoteTab behaves in a weird way when minimized to the
      > system tray. It has a peculiar way of hiding behind and
      > obscuring other windows!

      Can you give an example of that please.

      > OnClipBoardChange does not fire if you copy the same text twice
      > to the clipboard. However, if it is copied from NoteTab itself,
      > it does! Se my suggestions for the PasteBoard at the end of the
      > list for more info.

      That is need to prevent double and triple copies because some
      applications write to the Clipboard more than once. NoteTab does
      not. If you need to copy the same text again add a space after
      it, take away a space, or copy a letter or something before
      copying the same text again.

      > I want to search for "<h1>.*</h1>" in
      > "<h1>hello</h1><br><h1>world!</h1>". I want it to find
      > <h1>hello</h1> but it actually selects the whole string.

      I thought this would have done it. I don't really do regexp,
      just play with them.

      ^!Find "<h1>.*</h1>[^<]" RITS

      > When you follow a link to another document or to an outline
      > heading, it would be very nice to be able to navigate back and
      > forth like in a browser with Alt-Left/Right.

      That is on the wish list and may happen in version 5.

      > If you search for lines containing a given expression, the
      > document should be able to "collapse", only showing these
      > lines. If you eg. wanted to edit all the ALT= tags in a HTML
      > document, you could very easily find and edit these lines if
      > the document were collapsed.

      That is on the wish list and may happen in version 5.

      > A way to stop lengthy searches. Important; some of my text
      > files are over 20 MB!!!

      You can do your search from a Clip and press Ctrl+Alt to abort out of it.

      > Keyboard short-cuts for selected clips.

      That is coming in version 5.

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      Happy Tab'n, Clip'n, &...
      Jody Adair
      Prov. 3:5-7; 4:23
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